About Us

SwapMyApp was built with a single misguided principle that people do not have enough time to go through and check every app for its efficiency. This is why we try to build a website where we review the best among the 20 percent apps which are least downloaded and attempt giving people a reason why to use them. Our extreme condolences to everyone who decides to listen to us. Meet the guys behind this beautiful app ecosystem:

AbhiAbhirup is our guest blogger on education apps and thought partner. He harbors certain thoroughly misguided self-impressions like he has a refined aesthetic sense (our website’s visuals are NOT inspired by his ideas) or that he has a deep baritone. However, we choose to ignore these as he sometimes comes up with good ideas notwithstanding the fact that they are articulated in confusing managerial jargon; perhaps explained by the fact that he is an MBA from IIM Bangalore.

MeSouptik is a Futures Trader in Singapore who writes about financial apps in our website. He actually believes born in another time and another place he could have been the inspiration behind ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and we don’t even beg to differ. When he is not nurturing his amazing awesomeness, he acts as the operational dynamo behind our website, raising a storm in mailboxes and mind-spaces. In previous avatars, he has been an internet entrepreneur, MBA student at IIFT and Computer Engineer from BITS.

RajatRajat is an advisory and operational contributor at SwapMyApp. Rumor suggests that he is an Engineer. He can neither confirm, nor deny the news. Apart from a Technology enthusiast and a Geek, he is also a FC Barcelona fanatic. Time to catch him on daily doses of SwapMyApp.