4K Stogram- Easily Export, Download And Backup Your Instagram Pictures

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Not long ago, in 2012, the famous social media giant Facebook thought of spreading its wings across a then-new utility known as Instagram. For those who are still unaware, Instagram is one of the most popular online mobile photo and video-sharing social network available for all leading smartphone operating systems. Acquired for about $1.00 billion Dollars in 2012, Instagram has been expanding exponentially, with millions of users already in their database, and growing with every single day. However, the application provides certain limitations, like any other successful service. You cannot really download, export or backup your Instagram account pictures at the moment, and taking screenshot is the best you can do in case you want a copy of some particular photo within Instagram.

Seems like developers at famous software utility community- 4k Downloads have come up with a working solution, with their 4k Stogram release. That’s right. What goes by the name of 4k Stogram is an amazing utility for your Windows, Macintosh or Ubuntu powered system that not only lets you download and backup your Instagram pictures, but also lets you access private Instagram accounts, download their pictures, and export is to your desktop easily.

4K Stogram- Now Easily Export, Download And Backup Your Instagram Pictures

Once you download and install the 4K Stogram, which actually is free at the moment, you can install the application on your system easily, or follow the screenshots below for step by step installation.

6-19-2014 9-21-26 PM


6-19-2014 9-23-16 PM

6-19-2014 9-23-36 PM

6-19-2014 9-24-14 PM

Once installed, the application icon will be placed on your desktop. 4K Stogram is a light weight utility, and should run like a charm on your Windows, Mac or Ubuntu powered system. You can simply launch the application from your systems desktop or programs folder and find a screen similar to the one below.

6-19-2014 9-27-37 PM

For instance, we searched for Apple’s Instagram username and 4K Stogram returned us all the Instagram pictures ever added by Apple to its official Instagram account. Simply right click on any picture to get the function menu. You can either choose to view picture, or launch it in official Instagram interface, or even choose to share the picture via Facebook easily.

6-19-2014 9-35-07 PM

To be able to access private pictures of your friends, you would require to log in to your Instagram account from within the 4K Stogram application itself. The application is totally safe, and you don’t need to think twice before entering your username and password. It just requires your credentials to get access token from Instagram’s official server.

6-19-2014 9-37-29 PM

Once you enter your username and password, you will be logged into your Instagram account, and a green check mark will be visible in front of your Instagram username within the 4K Stogram application. Now you can easily download and backup your Instagram pictures.

6-19-2014 9-37-46 PM


You can search for any Instagram username here, and click on the picture within the 4K Stogram interface, and the application will let you save the pictures on your computer within seconds, just like you export any other ordinary picture.

4K Stogram is no doubt the best application in market capable of downloading and exporting Instagram pictures without any hassles. You can download individual pictures, or pictures in bulk without any trouble by simply installing this application on your computer and entering the desired Instagram username. To access the private photos section, you will require a valid Instagram account which will be used to generate access token from Instagram’s official server. You can download 4K Stogram for free here (go to the bottom of the page).


This application for sure is a +1 from our side, and one of the most important utilities for you in case you are a frequent Instagram user.

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