Add Wow Effects for All your Pictures with the Camera 360 Ultimate App

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Our reasons for writing this app review! Because it’s an excellent app! Maybe the professional photographers won’t need it because they have their big DSLRs and image-editing software. But we think about the common people, who mostly use their phone cameras to click memories. So we found ourselves duty-bound to write an app review for this one since this is the best app for mobile camera-lovers!

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The Camera 360 app icon

The Camera 360 app icon

Images help us preserve moments, and with these moments we create memories which last a lifetime! You must have already used several image-editing apps on your phone or tablet so as to give effects to your already-clicked pictures. Well, the Camera 360 Ultimate Android App changes all that! Now you get to click customized images with the right effects, just like you can with your automatic digital cameras. Pretty cool, huh?!

The welcome screen

The welcome screen, where you start off

The app is available on both the Android and iOS platforms. What’s more, it has recently been updated to accommodate several new and fresh features. The app comes with its own camera interface. In this screen you get all the options neatly lined up once you click the button to display them. The options include Gallery, picture modes (this consists of Timer, Stabilizer and Burst), Effects, Settings and a Shutter button.

The in-camera image effects

The in-camera image effects

The effects don’t just stop there. Once you click a picture after applying a certain effect, a whole new world of additional effects opens up in front of you so that you can further enhance the quality of your clicked image. Your clicked images get stored in the app’s own gallery. The new version also comes with its own cloud storage option.

What really sets this apart from other camera apps and makes it the best app out there is its ability to handle image stability for those who have shaky hands. Apart from the normal mode, it also features a Stabilizer mode. The effects are really cool, and so are the several other modes which this app comes equipped with. I even noticed certain funny effects like Huge-head and Ghost, and awesome ones like the HDR effect. You can even put in background scenes which you can download from the internet.

Further effects you get after clicking a picture; The several camera modes; Settings menu

Further effects you get after clicking a picture; The several camera modes; Settings menu

I can find only one word for this: AWESOME! As I sat down to write this app review, I got pretty excited since this gave me the chance of using the app for myself. The app works great on higher Android versions, preferably v4.1+ but I can’t say the same for a Gingerbread device. However, there’s still room for improvement as I didn’t like the idea of having to download scenes from the Internet before I got to apply them. There should also be a way in which we can compare several similar images before selecting the right one to keep. Otherwise, the UI is great, and so is the performance. I have nothing to complain grievously about. So whether you are an amateur or a pro, this is sure to have something to surprise you.

Download Camera 360 from google play

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Superb app...a must download app to easily enhance your precious images

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