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It is claimed to be the fastest and the best flight booking app, hotels, cars and vacation packages. CheapOair is a one stop shop for all your travel needs. The user interface is neat, it is capable of segregating the user’s need, and the application itself provides a 24/7 Live chat with travel agents. There’s also a call service, but that is exclusively for users from US and Canada.

Exploring What is so Special About This Flight Booking App

The Home Page of CheapOair provides a sectored view of all that a traveler might need. Search Flights for a return journey, a one way or through multiple cities. The page is easy to understand and handle. Select the start and the end point of the journey, the departure date, which class you want to travel in, the number of travelers and whether or not you need a direct flight.

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Everything is all about a tap, and there’s no complications whatsoever. You can also check the history, and if you are a frequent traveler this might save you from filling in the same details all over again.


Once you have reached the destination, now what? Search Hotels near to the airport and unpack yourself. CheapOair provides on-the-go facility to book hotels. Enter a city, airport or landmark, and choose from the best selections. Now there are some constraints. You do not get a lot of landmark options to be precise.

But there are a lot of filters based on the Price, Hotel Name (if you have something special in mind), the Star Rating, the distance from your preferred location, and most importantly the amenities the hotel provides. Again at any point of time, you can opt for a Live Help from agents who work round the clock to give you all the assistance you may need.

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Now, you know where you want to go to. But how? Though this essentially started as a flight booking app but now it also facilitates searching cars. Just select a Pick-Up and a Drop-Off Point, Date, and CheapOair sends you the best car rental service for travelling at ease. You can refine your search based on Rental Agencies and can also choose a particular class of car that suits your style the most!

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CheapOair indeed takes care of its customers. They can see the details of their booking, by entering the Email Address, Last Name, and the last four digits of the phone number or zip code in the home screen of this flight booking app. All the information is kept confidential, and the clients have all their booking information right on the palm of their hand.

More Options

Apart from all the exclusive services that CheapOair provides, there are more to it that delights the user experience. Special mobile ‘Enter and Win’ contests, and brilliant promo codes for discounted deals, are a part and parcel of the application.

Create your own free account, and get informed about the Special airline deals. Before planning for the trip, make sure to check for the Offers and Promotions and get ready to be surprised.

I was particularly impressed to see the Travel Tools such as the Baggage Fees and Packing List. CheapOair gives a whole list of airlines along with the accepted baggage rules. This is superb addition, as the users can decide on their flight plans depending on the stuffs that they need to carry. Rather than just finding the cheap flights, the users can also know in greater detail about the acceptable weight limits and the extra charges.

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Having a packing list is a must for every traveler, and when you have a readymade list with an approximate weight of each and every thing, it becomes all the more exciting!

Select from the already set lists for a Corporate tour, a Romantic getaway or a Family trip, or make your own new list. Select the commodities you would be needing or edit and add some more essential ones. And check if your luggage would be within the estimated weight limit.

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The Limitations

CheapOair has limited country and currency options. Though it provides flight and hotel booking options to and from all the countries in the world, currency conversion is a must as USD, GBP, CAD, EUR and AUD are the only available choices. And for that you need not go to any another application. CheapOair does fill in the void it creates.

Go to Travel Tools and you can find their in-app Currency Converter that is updated with the latest conversion rates.

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It is a great flight booking app which is self-sufficient for flying, staying and roaming around. However, it does not include sight-seeing, things-to-do, places to eat and stuff, which the competitors are experts at.

The Final Word

Along with its many inclusions and little exclusions, I found this app fairly comprehensive. Features such as the travel tools and the live chat makes it different from the others in the market. An app that’s 21.8MB free download from the App Store, is a worthwhile try for travelers.

Download CheapoAir from Apple App Store

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