Boost your CAT 2014 Preparation with TestFunda’s MBA Test Prep App for Android

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If you want to prepare for CAT 2014 while on the go or you are so busy that your CAT 2014 preparation can only be done in bits and pieces between other work and while travelling, then TestFunda’s MBA Test Prep App can be your effective CAT preparation guide.

The android app has three main sections as below :

The TestFunda MBA Prep app has three main sections -Daily Test Prep,  Test Centre and Skill Builder

Three major sections of the app

Daily Test Prep

This section is further divided into six sections as below:

6 Sections in the Daily Test Prep Section of TestFunda's MBA Test Prep Android App

6 Sections in the Daily Test Prep Section

This section provides useful resources for on-the-go learning as one can brush-up vocabulary or mathematical concepts while travelling or during short breaks between work.

The Word List section has four features as below:

Features in the Word List Section of TestFunda's MBA Test Prep Android App

Features in the Word List Section

Additionally, one can also search for words using the search-bar at the top. However, the vocabulary supported seems limited as certain words like ‘pecuniary’ or ‘tautology’ were not to be found. These are not very common words but should be part of an MBA aspirant’s vocabulary nonetheless.

Word Search Feature in the App

Word Search Feature

The A-Z Words section has a list of words for each alphabet with detailed meanings and usage examples – ideal for browsing if you can devote time only in short bursts. The usage examples are particularly useful for making the words part of your working vocabulary. Each of the words can be bookmarked by touching the small star by its side and your own list of words can be seen under the Bookmarks section.

Flash Cards section is a useful feature here. You can test your vocabulary by flashing words and check if you know them. If not, you can look at their meaning by clicking on the Complete Word checkbox and can also bookmark the word to add to your Bookmarks list. The Daily Word List section gives five new words every day.

The Question of the Day section gives a new question every day. The questions are of an appropriate difficulty level for CAT. You can link to TestFunda’s website if you want to submit the answer to current day’s question. The solutions to previous days’ questions are available in the app. This is a nice feature which would be more effective with a tracking of the time someone is spending in solving a particular question.

The Daily Test Prep section also has a Tip of the Day section which has very practical MBA entrance preparation tips around how to prepare for interviews etc. I found the tips to be quite useful and not generic in nature – this section can be further improved by articulating the tips in more detail.

Test Center

This section supports quite a few Indian MBA entrance examinations as below. The exams it supports are CAT, XAT, IIFT, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP and MH-CET.

TestFunda's MBA Test Prep App has mock exams for CAT, XAT, IIFT, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP and MH-CET

Test center

For each of the supported exams, one mock test is available for free download. The mock CAT test which I downloaded had questions at an appropriate difficulty level and tracked time. The free resources hence are quite useful.

The App has free Mock CAT 2014 papers

Mock Exams

Skill Builder

This section supports preparation for seven Indian MBA entrance exams i.e. CAT, XAT, IIFT, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP and MH-CET:

The skill builder section of the app gives lessons for preparation of CAT, XAT, IIFT, CMAT, NMAT, SNAP and MH-CET

Skill Builder

Some of the lessons are available for free. I found the quality of the lessons to be quite good with lucid explanations and adequate examples, charts etc.

Overall, the MBA Test Prep App from TestFunda is a good app to aid your preparation for CAT and other MBA entrance examinations. The app can be further developed with a stronger vocabulary section, detailed tips and time tracking for questions solved within the app. Best of luck for your CAT 2014 Preparation!

TestFunda has made available this app in both Android and iOS platforms (click the buttons for download).

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The app has good features supporting all sections of CAT. Information content is strong. Navigation and look and feel are decent. Overall, a quite useful app.

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