Coursera Courses Android App Review

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Online learning has been revolutionized over the last few years. MIT OPENCourses started the trend and the fever has caught on. Global exposure to quality education has undergone a radical change and Coursera like a few other organisations has contributed significantly to the global knowledge revolution.

Coursera Courses android app is simply phenomenal. The simple UI with a metro style design, portraying the different subject matters that one can choose from to start prepping up,makes it a breeze to use. An initial account needs to be set up and then one can choose anything from Arts to Medicine to begin learning.

Main Menu Tiles Coursera Android App

Main Menu Tiles

The courses are varied, stretching from “Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression” under Medicine to “Public Economics and Global Trends” from the hallowed portals of Wharton. A simple left pane organizes all your courses under My Courses Tab helping one keep track of all the courses one is registered to, further more academic notes can be downloaded for offline reading.

A Typical Lesson Coursera Android

A Typical Lesson Summary

Course highlights, professor in charge duration, medium of study and workload are all elaborately explained under each course along with a small video introducing the course: all in one window making it the user’s paradise. Course videos can be downloaded for offline viewing and every course is classified chronologically under Past, Current and Upcoming.
The quality of the app is simply phenomenal, with no glitches at all, except for the fact that a strong data connection is absolutely essential for the application as the courses rely heavily on videos.

Sidebar Showing Various Options

Sidebar Showing Various Options

However, if you are one of those who have an insatiable urge to learn new things , and one of the lucky few in India with an unlimited and fast internet connection, Coursera Courses will make the world your oyster. Coursera Courses will give you an insight into everything you ever wanted to learn, from the very best in the business. Coursera provides certificates on successful completion and thus makes it extremely rewarding to be associated with a program.

A typical course structure

A Typical Course Structure

You can also share your courses with your friends on social media, so it’s not just knowledge but also global exposure that is at your fingertip with this app.So all you need is an email address to sign up for a free account on Coursera and a curious mind to grasp all that it has to offer. You can download the app from Google playstore (download link below)

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  • Information Content9
  • Look And Feel9
  • Navigation8
Total Score8.5

Knowledge is power and this application brings the world of knowledge to your doorstep through an easy-to-use smartphone app. E-Learning has never been better.

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