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My Open Courses Application is powered and partnered by NPTEL, National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning,an initiative funded by NMEICT, which is probably one of the best things that the Ministry of Human Resource Development India, MHRD has ever done in this country.

My OpenCourses

My Open Courses

The UI is brilliantly made in My Open Courses with a counter for each category of materials which may include Journals, videos,Questions ,Discussion Boards. A user must sign in to the application using Popular Social Media or set up his/her own username and password.

Once you are inside the application, knowledge is at your doorstep. The side-pane will appear with a gentle swipe at the left margin and the variety of Courses offered would simply be mind numbing.

Subject List

Subject List

Each category has various topics ranging from the simplest of subjects to the most complicated topics. The name of the topic and the Professor taking the course is mentioned. The professors are mainly from the IITs and IISCs, with tremendous credentials in their distinctive fields of study.

Sub Categories In Chemical Engineering

Subjects Included In Chemical Engineering

The various sub-topics of Chemical Engineering are placed here as a demonstration.Each subject has its own course structure explained under the Subject Page. Videos, Documents and the Syllabus is available for each Subject.

The videos can be viewed either in the 3gp or Mp4 format depending on your net connection. The documents are Adobe Acrobat Reader format. The syllabus page introduces the Professor who shall be taking the course along with references and pre-requisites of the course.

Syllabus and Professor Profile

Syllabus and Professor Profile


Videos MyOpenCourses

Videos Lessons

While watching lecture video,one can post his/her queries directly on the page and it could be answered by anyone accessing the material. A public forum is thus created, which can be very constructive if used in proper conduct.

The application is a Desi take on Coursera and it’s quite a match, in terms of quality of courses available. The ability of the application to immerse the user in a sea of knowledge is exactly in the direction of Coursera. The UI though is more cluttered and the loading time between pages is fairly steep. The other complaint that I generally have with most education applications is that Videos are not always easily accessible in a country like India owing to unreliable internet speeds. The matter, if provided alternatively as PowerPoint presentations or PDFs, would be of much greater help as it would be easier to reach out to more people, even those with very limited access to internet.

The application also has a trending section that lists the most important discussions and videos of the day, which can be easily accessed from the home screen based on popularity.

Recently Asked & Most Followed Videos

Most Followed Videos

Overall a very a good application with well rounded features. The application is a great alternative to Indians for Coursera or Khan Academy. The courses are focused mainly on Engineering , owing to its NPTEL backing but nevertheless the quality is of the highest standard and allows students to access a vast database of kickass material.

Download this app from the Google Playstore (Link below) and do let us know if you found this app useful. Check out other cool education apps reviewed by us here.

Download from Google Play Store

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Total Score7.6

Great content and smooth navigation. We strongly recommend this app to every engineering and other college students in India.

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