Garbage Bin: Hindi Comics on Playstore!

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Have you spent hours as a child reading the gallant acts of Shikari Shambu or laughed at the whimsical exploits of Suppandi? If you are a 90s’ kid, of course you have! Garbage Bin gives you access to just that, hindi comics on Playstore which makes you reminiscent of such placid times is “Hindi Comics" by THERURAL GUYS. It is one of the few funny, Hindi-centric apps on Play Store. It brings together two elements: a 90s based theme and a comic strip feel. The app is based on the comic strips “Garbage Bin- Guddu and Gang" created by Faisad Mohd. These comics are fairly popular both online and offline. The prospect sounds interesting but the excitement is short lived.
On launching the app, you’re taken to a list of tittles which you can tap to read the “comic" strip. The whole app is in the Roman script and not Devanagari, which makes the transliteration a little difficult to grasp. The app can be accessed offline and you’re given an option of downloading the feeds on the top right corner which requires a working internet connection. The titles are arranged in a chronological order as per their date of publishing. The description on Play Store claims that there would be “daily new comics", but for a period of around a month and a half there were only around 20 comic strips.

The tittles are arranged in a chronological order

The tittles are arranged in a chronological order


Screenshot of Garbage Bin

There is an option to download all feeds published till date

Every time you click a tittle you will be subjected to an annoying ad. Then you’re taken to the actual comic strip which just looks like a scanned copy of the books. The comic strips are provided with a zoom feature, which obviously has to be put into use because of the miniature script size. Here too, there are ads placed at the bottom of the screen. The interface is clunky and not at all user friendly.

Screenshot of Comic strip on Garbage Bin

The miniature size plus the ads at the bottom are annoying. The comics have to be zoomed.

The only redeeming quality of the app is the comic factor itself. If you’re a fan of character, cringe, or insult comedy you might find the comics mildly amusing. But the whole effort you have to invest, to just read them is a major turn off. The app has potential and could be a major hit if the developers work on a few key aspects. Firstly, get rid of the ads that pop up on tapping the tittles. Secondly they could rework the format wherein instead of the zoom feature, users could scroll, which makes for convenient viewing. Thirdly, they could try to fulfill their promises of daily updates. And finally, they could make a provision to delete the comic strips.

Screenshot of ads on Garbage Bin

You’ll be subjected to an ad before viewing any comic

At 519KB, the app hardly makes a difference to your memory space. Try the app if you want to (download link below), or just go to the nearest vendor and buy yourself a Tinkle Digest.

Download from Google Play

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The app is is need of a further refurbishment. Skip this one till then!


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