Celebrate your Love with the Special Valentine’s Day App for Android

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The sweet, fragrant essence of love is in the air. Since time immemorial, the 14th of February is being celebrated throughout the year as Valentine’s Day, the ultimate day of love. Named after Saint Valentine, this day unites all the lovers across the world as they renew their vows of love. Many are of the opinion that Valentine’s Day is just a holiday made out of consumer necessities. Well, if we can maintain a separate day for every other thing in our life then why not love? After all, it is the easiest emotion to convey for most of us!

To make your Day of Love even more special, the Medoli team has come up with their Valentine’s Day Special Android app. This is one of the most thorough general-purpose Valentine’s Day App.

The app is a great guide for anyone who wants to make the Valentine’s Day a memorable one for the loved one. The app welcomes you with the logo of hearts imprinted on a pink background. The color goes well with the mood, though it’s a little too feminine. Moreover, it remains the recurrent theme throughout the app. All the pages of this app take a little time to load, and that is a major disadvantage. The main page of the app is designed pretty simply and consists of the list of all the activities. The home button appears on top of every page, and takes you back directly to the main page of the app.

  • History of Valentine’s Day – All you need to know about the Day of Love can be found here. Candidly written, this will enlighten you about the reason as to why the day came to be celebrated this way.
  • Top 10 Romantic Gifts – Confused about what you need to get your partner on this Valentine’s Day? This will surely help you out. This option guides you through the top 10 romantic gift options which will surely help you win her heart.
  • Romantic SMS– Text messaging is the way in which most couples communicate nowadays. This option provides you with the most romantic text messages. There are in total twelve pages of romantic SMSs. All you need to do is to tap on the particular SMS and send them.
  • Love Poems – Similar to the romantic SMSs, this consists of the most romantic love poems.
  • Flowers – Roses are always okay on this day, but what about the other flowers? Can’t they be romantic as well? Find out from this option as it lists the flowers, and what they symbolize.
  • Love Meter – Now this is where the application part of the app comes into effect. This requires you to fill in your name and that of your partner. Once this is done, you get the percentage of your love and the app’s prediction as to how you will get along in future.
  • Love Horoscope – Once you select your horoscope, your daily prediction will be displayed.
  • Sweet Recipes – Feed your partner with delicious dishes as you prepare them single-handedly. This list provides you with mouth-watering dishes which will make your partner love you even more.
  • Dress Up – Get ideas on how you need to dress up in order to impress your partner.
  • Ringtones – Get in the mood by setting romantic ringtones on your phone.
  • Tips for Singles – This is a good marketing strategy from the app developers. The singles are given tips as to how they can spend the day, without agonizing over the fact that they don’t have anyone to celebrate with.
  • Valentine’s Day Movies – Make the day even more special by watching the best romantic movies of all time. This list provides you with some of the most beloved romantic movies.
  • Romantic Music – Similar to the movies, this provides you with some of the most famous romantic tunes from all across the world.
  • Love Wallpapers – Decorate your phone and celebrate Valentine’s Day your own way with the beautiful wallpapers!

Seems one of the most needful app for all of us this Valentine’s Day. It’s time to share your ways to express your love. We would love to hear from you on how you found this app.

The app is available for download from Google Play (click on the button below to download).

If you find this review to be helpful, send us your feedbacks. We value your opinions, and they matter to us!

Download from Google Play

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A thorough compilation of information on different aspects of Valentine's day. A useful app.

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