For Your Eyes Only: Avocado Private Messenger App for couples to Spice-Up Love Life!

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Most of us are now proud owners of android devices, and we all stay connected with the help of the several messenger apps which populate the Google Play Store. Most of these apps are good as long as your recipients are general peers or colleagues but when it comes to conversing with your special one – you indeed need a special private messenger app . The need may not be so acute if you live close together but for those who carry on with their long-distance relationships – Avocado private messenger app provides just the right platform which helps them nourish and strengthen their bonding. Avocado is a private messenger app for couples that simply lets you to stay connected with your Love in a new and exciting way.

The Avocado Android App is the brain-child of two former Google employees, Jenna Bilotta and Chris Wetherell. In avocado, your partner is your ‘boo’, the most beloved person in the world. You get to stay connected with him/her via its cloud-based services, privately (which is the most important aspect of this app).

The Avocado android app icon...

The Avocado android app icon.

Sending messages is backdated, frankly speaking; well they are important in staying connected, but what more comes with Avocado is that you can share your facial expressions, your daily lists which may range from your daily routine to the likely locations for your next date, photos (that’s another normal thing about it) and even your priceless moments. One can even share recipes with their better half. However, it also comes with one major disappointment and that is you can’t share videos via Avocado. But let’s not get too upset about that! After all, the fine features this app comes with can easily make up for the fact that it doesn’t support videos. In fact, I personally felt that till now, amidst all the apps that have been developed Avocado comes closest to Apple’s iMessage in terms of one-to-one conversations.

The Special Message sharing window where in you can also share your special recipes...

The Special Message sharing window where in you can also share your special recipes.

You also have a list of customizable expressions which comes with the app only. Other than that if you want to create any new list, you can easily do so by clicking on the ~ez_lsquo+ez_rsquo~ symbol. Once you create one, it automatically gets shared with your boo who can edit it and make the necessary changes, which again will be reflected on your device.

Like all the other free messenger apps, even the premium ones, one needs to register with Avocado and verify his/her account via the email links which automatically get sent to his/her respective email address. The next step involves inviting your partner via email, which will again be sent automatically. The password is a shared one. Once the invitation gets accepted by your boo, the normal usage of this app gets initialized and you can do whatever you want to do, in order to stay connected.

The app comes with four main options – Messages, Lists, Events and Media. There is one more option of the in-app settings which can be personalized according to your wants. The Messages view shows the chatting history, everything that you two have shared with each other. The Lists view displays the lists you two have created. Events come with a calendar where you can mark the important dates, and it gets shared like all its other features. Media is actually the photo gallery. Since the media is shared only with your loved one there are endless possibilities to explore *wink*.

The options in the app

The options in the app.

One thing which needs to be mentioned here is that Avocado comes with another specialty i.e. one can send sketches which can drawn on a blank background or on an image. Now that is something which very few other apps provide to its users. Isn’t that special? Your boo will definitely love your personalized doodles.

The push notification system is pretty good and the app comes with 10 one-of-its-kind sound effects. You can also send kisses and hugs to each other. The hugs can be sent by holding your device close to your chest whereas for sending kisses you have to literally kiss on the screen.

The app is supremely well-designed and it is very user-friendly. If you are deeply in love and are game for trying out something new, then this is the perfect private messenger app for you. Not only do you get to stay connected, you also get the opportunity to make your daily life a lot more interesting and enjoyable!

The app is available for download from Google Play (click on the button below to download).

Share your Avocado story with us. We would love to hear from you. Stay connected, stay blessed.

Download from Google Play

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Wonderful private messenger app which comes loaded with many cute features.

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