Thrill : Indian Dating App where the Ladies Decide which Men to Admit

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Online dating is a concept that’s found increasing popularity in recent times in India. And why not? It’s convenient, available 24/7 and provides access to a much larger database. You could probably find Mr. Right at the click of a button (or at least a fun date).

But how much are you willing to brave in the jungle of creeps out there? I can’t even begin to list the perils of the precarious online dating territory. Anonymity on such dating sites can wreak havoc. But what if you find an app where men can’t incessantly message you or lie about their age and relationship status? Here comes Thrill – an Indian dating app that lets us ladies take matters into our own hands.

The claim; He applies, she decides. Pretty simple logic, the guys who apply to Thrill have to be approved by the ladies. So yes, it does help filter out a lot of the creeps, perverts and kewl dudes. There are still some that make the cut despite the whole “quality check". I found pictures of guys who look well over 40. But yes, there aren’t many fake profiles floating around.

On launching the app, it crashes and freezes over and over again. The kinks, however, were sorted by day 2.

Screenshot of Thrill not working

Crashes way too often in the start

The app itself is very confusing, and there isn’t a proper tutorial to guide you. You can access the app using your Facebook account. The ladies get immediate access. The guys have to wait for approval (It takes about 12 hours for you to get approved). Once you’re approved you can improve your profile by rating thrill categories like music, food, sense of humor and movies. Say for movies, you will find a gallery of thumbnail pics on different movies – you can rate whether you find them thrilling or not thrilling buy sliding and tapping. These lists aren’t exhaustive but they’ll work for now.

Screenshot of Dashboard of Thrill

The dashboard is efficiently organized and is user friendly, a contrast compared to the rest of the app.

What doesn’t work for me is the match batch. You have your usual set of guys: mirror selfie guys," face on billboard sort of guys", “look I’m standing next to a cool car that doesn’t belong to me" guys. So either their algorithm is flawed or these are the best of the lot. After a few days, things get better. Whenever two people rate each other as thrill, a chat is set up. And you can continue things from there.

• Guys are let in only if girls approve.
• The Thrilling Categories.
• How a chat is set up immediately when two people rate each other thrill.
• You get an instant notification if someone finds you thrilling.
• Anonymity of thrills.

• The app kept on crashing when it was launched for the first time.
• Confusing interface.
• No clarity over features like match batch.
• No option for sexual orientation.
• The points system to unlock profiles

Screenshot of Buying Points on Thrill

This is how they make their money, points are required to open locked profiles

Thrill brings an unique proposition as an Indian dating app. If the idea of Online dating doesn’t petrify you, this app is then ready to Thrill you right away.

Got your match? Do let us know your experience, we would love to hear from you.

The Android App is available for download from Google Play (Click the buttons below to download)

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A safer and a unique approach to Online dating. Recommended to all singletons looking for casual dating.


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