Create memorable Valentine’s Day Pictures with the Valentine’s Day Frames Android App

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Pictures can often speak a thousand words, even when they don’t contain comment bubbles. And if the emotion behind a picture can be accentuated by framing it suitably – it often has the power to render the viewer speechless. With the Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you wondering about a way to make your valentine feel special on the Day of Love? Why not gift her with a romantic image, framed by a more romantic Valentine’s Day special frame? That will surely win his/her heart!

Valentine’s Day Frames is designed and developed by the Out-thinking Innovators group that serves only one purpose – to help users frame romantic images like Valentine’s Day pictures. Being a specific-purposed app, it is actually pretty good and useful for those who are hopeless romantics or who are desperately searching for a way to impress their dates. It doesn’t take much effort on the part of the user, and is very user-friendly. The app operates in the Landscape mode, and like all free apps is plagued by the advertisements which pop up from time to time.

The kiddish yet romantic home screen of the app...

The kiddish yet romantic home screen of the app…

Valentine’s Day Frames is an extremely simple app. The overall look-and-feel of the app is mushy, as all romantic app should be and the blood red background with the recurrent hearts is sure to capture the mood of the Valentine’s Day fanatics. It comes with no Options button, not that one is needed.

The app comes loaded with as many as 25 special frames. All the frames are pretty image-specific and only suit certain types of images. You can zoom in and out of the images to fit them inside the frames properly, and you can also rotate them. In addition to the frames, you have 10 special effects options to help you set the contrast of your romantic images. However, unless you select a frame for your picture you will not be able to save the edited image or share it.

Picture editing options...

Picture editing options…

One might argue as to the necessity of this app since several similar software applications available on the Internet. But then, you get to make the tweaks from your Smartphone itself. Now, isn’t that more compact and advantageous? After all, this is the age of smart messenger services like Whatsapp and hike. We can easily share the edited image via them, or any other app.

Different Framing options for your romantic pics...

Different Framing options for your romantic pics…

I found certain frames a bit too loud, but then that’s my personal opinion. Since this app is useful only for framing your pictures, it could have come with a few more options. After all, there might be possibility that some users may not like any of the frames. A better way to develop this app would have been to connect it with a remote server containing a database of several frames. In that way, the user would have got several more options to choose from and the utility of the app would have increased manifold. However, all said and done this is a pretty compact and effective app. It surely has the potential to make your Day of Love a special one.

So go ahead and frame your Valentine’s Day pictures within the wonderful frames this app offers. Do let us know your reaction about Valentine Day Frames. For more Valentine apps, have a look at our Valentines week special app collections.

The app is available for download from the Google Play Store (click the button below for download).

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Just a simple app to apply different beautiful frames to your romantic Valentine's day pictures. Overall a simple yet nice app...

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