Sweep your Valentine off her feet with romantic Valentine’s Day greetings from this app

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If you need to say it to your special one you have to say it your way. Borrowed words can not express the beautiful emotions that only you feel in your heart. Hence, this Valentine’s Day, when you whisper the sweet nothings into her ears, make sure you tell them like no one else would.

Having said that, who does not need a little help when it comes to love’s mysterious ways? It is not easy to come up with the perfect Valentine’s Day greetings when you are so lost in the charm of togetherness. Fear not, ye lovelorn souls ! Help is at hand, and quite literally so in that smartphone you hold in your hand – with this cute Valentine Greetings app from Mango Technologies Private Limited (last updated 15-10-2013, size 12 MB). This app helps you make create and customize romantic Valentine’s day greetings.

We now dive into this app. After an introductory advertisement page, the main page of the app opens up.

Main screen or more likely the Teddy screen

The cute main screen of the app

Characterized by a simple background, with little teddy bears strewn about the page, it is indeed fitting when it comes to a Valentine’s Day greetings app. As you can see there are four major options. Let us consider all the options one by one. Click on the “Readymade Greetings” icon and a page with a host of readymade templates with special Valentine’s Day messages appears. Take a look-

Valentine Greeting templates

One of the many templates with beautiful love quotes

You can simply select the template of your choice and send to your loved one either through Facebook or via email as well-

Easy share via email or FaceBook

Share your greeting via FB or email

Suppose you want to create your own personalized Valentine’s Day greetings, then navigate to the main page- on the top right hand corner you will see that there is a question mark. Click on that and an instructions page will appear-

Instructions pertaining to creating a personalized V-Day message

Clear instructions guiding how to make a personalized V-Day message

Study this page carefully and then go back to the main page. On selecting the “Create Your Greetings” option, a blank page will appear before you on which you can create your special Valentine’s Day greetings-

Blank template to create your personalized message

Blank template to create your personalized message

You can select a background, add props of your own choice, write your own text and either save your Valentine’s Day greetings or send it right away. The moment you save a greeting, later on when you go back to the main page and select the “Saved Greetings” icon, your saved creation will be displayed. The fourth icon “Text Greetings” opens up for you a long list of messages-

The array of special V-Day messages for an easy pick

The array of special V-Day messages for an easy pick

All you have to do is select the message of your choice and send it via email, in a SMS or other options like Facebook-

Share your messages via E-mail, SMS or other available mediums...

Share your messages via E-mail, SMS or other available mediums…


These are the basic features which this app has to offer you.

Do we love it?

Yes, at least I do! This app certainly is ideal if you want to create your own personalized greeting for that special someone. With beautiful quotations and delightful backgrounds all lined up, you have an array of options to choose from. The dominating shades of this app is red, cream and off white, the colours popularly associated with love. With easy navigating options and fast ways to send across your messages, this app gets a thumbs up from me!

Don’t take my word for it. Try this app out for yourself from the Windows App Store (Click the button below for download) and tell us whether you love it or not!

If you find this review to be helpful, send us your feedbacks. We value your opinions, and they matter to us!

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A very cute app that helps you to customize Valentine's Day greeting. Very pleasing visuals make this app especially attractive

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