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6 April 2014. All Game of Thrones fans will know what I’m talking about. But, of course the premiere of the eagerly awaited Season 4 of the hit HBO show. Hit is truly an understatement, call it a masterstroke. Crafted with perfection under the guidance of the author George R. R. Martin, the creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have set wings to the flight of imagination. The fantasy drama has catapulted to a cult status world over. GoT merchandize has been selling like hot cakes. And anything remotely GoT related results in frenzy! And app developers exploited this very phenomenon much to the excitement of GoT fans.
Game of Thrones Trivia is the perfect app to brush up your GoT memory and keep you occupied till D-Day comes. Reminisce about the existing feuds and speculate about the future ones while answering the trivia questions. The app has a very simple user interface. The questionnaire has been prepared taking into account the TV series and not the books. So a majority of the GoT fans can put the app to good use.
There are three modes: Classic, Arcade and Survival. Questions are often repetitive. 80% of the questions revolve around Joffrey Baratheon’s parentage (completely made up statistics). 10 levels of Classic have to be completed to unlock Arcade and 20 levels for Survival. In the Classic mode each question in the beginning is given 20 seconds and you are marked on the basis of your average score. A wrong answer would mean that you have to repeat the entire level. In Arcade you’re given three lives.

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Play in any of the 3 modes

The ads are the most annoying feature of the app, with one popping every minute. It therefore makes it a high data consuming app. Highly recommended that you play the game with your mobile data/Wi-Fi switched off. The app also crashed a couple of times.
A feature I would really like to see in the app is the ability to compete with your friends using any social media profile like Facebook or Twitter, after all what use are high scores if you can’t boast about them. Another suggestion would be to have visual rounds where users could identify knights, sigils, lords, septons, kings, wargs, kingsguard, men of the Night’s watch and it goes on and on. The app hasn’t fully exploited the potential of the series. I’m hoping that further updates bring more modes, rounds and variations in the questions. They could also add questions about the lesser Houses and lesser known characters to increase the difficulty level.

Screenshot of Game of Thrones Trivia

Simple, no frills QnA format

The app is a lot of fun if you are a die-hard GoT fan like I am. Once the excitement wears off, you could uninstall it. I’d recommend that you give it a try if you think that you’re the ultimate Game of Thrones Trivia virtuoso.

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Even with its flaws, you could easily while away your time using the app and your GoT knowledge!


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