Game Review: Ninja Saga, Dwell Into Ninja Battles

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If you are Manga fan or usually dwell into Japanese anime then Ninja Saga battle is a game you can completely correlate to. The style and concept has been totally borrowed from that famous anime series and the game is also really easy to understand and play. It has all those various attacks and moves which has been usually described for ninja warriors and moreover this game does not involve opponents fighting at the same time, the attacks are done one by one, subsequently. Let us dig into the details and know about its gameplay and other important information.


Ninja Saga Battle Review

As soon as you start the game Ninja Saga battle you will have to choose a ninja and then its style of attacks. There will be 5 elements mentioned at the beginning of the game, out of which you will have to choose 2 of them for the style of attacks. You will also get some resources initially which will help you to buy further equipment to increase your attack and defensive strength in

the combat. You can always buy those resources though out the game by spending the coins you achieve after winning the missions.


Your performance in combat is judged by the number of stars you score (this concept is quite similar to other arcade games such as Angry Bird or Cut the Rope). In order to complete a certain level you will have to defeat the three ninjas, who will fight one-by-one with you. The fights are usually slow, because the attacks from both the ends are subsequent and on every attack you will have to choose the attacks strategically.


The effects are simple and hence the gamers who usually like great visual effect games like Asphalt or GTA or any other similar game, may not prefer to play this game. As you will continue to progress in the game, you will add more ninjas to your team and will fight more enemy ninjas on a single level. The only thing, which can keep you sticking towards this game is the new attacks and the new ninjas which keep on getting unlocked as you progress in the game.


If you have been playing with Visual Boy Game Advance, then you can understand that fighting style is quite similar to that of pokemon fights. The overall look and feel of this game is decent, I wish it had been more quick to play, however this game is little tricky and needs some grey matter to play around. If you used your resources randomly then your ninja will not grow with required abilities and hence it will really difficult to win battles at subsequent levels. Visit Play store and install Ninja Saga and let us know your opinion about it.
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