Firechat Review – Stay connected even without a network

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Yes, you read that right! This is a new gen app that lets you stay connected even when there’s no mobile network around. With your friends in the same grid, there’s never a chance of falling off it. Continue chatting and making small talks without having to worry about the network connectivity issues.

How does that work you wonder? Well, it basically works on the concepts of Bluetooth and Wifi to keep you connected. The new thing here is iOS 7’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework. No login required. Install the app, and find your friends nearby. Willing to start a conversation with a stranger? Well, Firechat also works just like an internet chatroom. Enter, and there you have a whole new ground for new friendships to start.

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The concept is basically to reduce the dependency on network availability when it comes to addressing an urgent issue or making a quick plan. Firechat also lets you share pictures within your chat group.

Set ‘Everyone’ and you would be wowed to see the multitude of chatrooms on various topics started by a gamut of different people all around the globe. Set ‘Nearby’ and you can chat with your close allies within 210 feet.

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Firechat helps you stay connected when you are say separated from your friends in a swarming after-party, or siting close but still far off in a crowded stadium. It is for all those tight situations where you just need to contact the person on the other end, but can’t due to the network unavailability.

Personally, I love Firechat especially during a long travel via the Indian rail routes, when at times you are lost and lonely, with no friends and no internet connectivity! I find a chatroom, and I start talking to people all around the globe. That’s the beauty of this app.

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Are there any disadvantages? Yes! Since it does not require a conventional login, there would always be misfits who swarm the chatrooms with their racist, prejudiced comments. Also, since Firechat is the very first one to capture such a market, it is still kind of unfinished. And that is when you compare it with the features of much popular messaging apps such as Viber, Whatsapp and the like. In Firechat, there are no notification sounds or pings, and therefore, you might very easily miss out on an important message.

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Will the developers come up with more such apps that make use of multipeer connectivity? We can just hope. Meanwhile, we are intrigued to explore more such apps and systems that lets you utilize the concepts of mesh networking.

And you for that matter can download (for iOS) the 8.4MB app, and stay connected wherever you are. It requires you to have an iOS 7 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Firechat is also available for Android Users. Download (for Android) and never miss out on an important discussion just because you had no network.

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