Saavn, Music on the Go: The iOS App Review

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It’s unconstrained music for you. Saavn is a storehouse of rhythms and melodies that you would want to carry with you everywhere.

The great thing about Saavn

From searching music to creating your own playlist, this app is ideal for users who have mood swings! It ranges in genre, and is multilingual. It has a catalogue with practically all the regional languages India makes music in, and furthermore English.


The newer version 3.0 is so much better than before. It’s gorgeously green, and has the translucent effect in sync with iOS7!

I love the Radio of Saavn. It sets the mood by playing great songs from the latest ‘Chartbusters’, of ‘True Romance’, and lets you groove to the ‘Party’ beats. It also plays the ‘Golden Oldies’, and even ‘Bhakti Sagar’. Saavn lets you keep your entire family pleased!


It has a handy feature that lets you share through social media, as well as through texts and emails. It sends across a link that redirects you to the app, or to the webpage otherwise.

You can make a mix of your own favorites or play from the various saved ones. You can save an existing song to your playlist or even download it for listening to them when offline.

No matter what language you choose, you would be presented with ‘My Music’, ‘New Releases’, ‘Top Playlists’, ’Radio’ and ‘Song of the Day’. It saves you from wandering aimlessly, when you don’t know what you want to listen to.

And when inside a song it lets you browse through for related genres, singers, composers, even actors and leads you to the entire list of the collection with the common search criteria. I was wowed to see such an astounding assortment when I explored. Saavn forms a nested loop of infinite music, literally!


‘Streaming’ and ‘Downloading’ controls are optimized for data speed and plan respectively. Saavn lets you choose low, medium or high quality for streaming, whereas for downloading you can opt for either low space consuming 128kbps or the highest quality 320kbps.

On the downside

The radio is only active for Hindi music. A market that they quickly need to expand, to tap more users. The UI does not work in the landscape mode. Unlike native applications, the album cover arts which aids in easy scrolling are not displayed in the landscape.

Very strangely, the volume control is missing when navigating within the app. For a music app, this is a weird faux pas.


It would have been great to have a download progress bar. I had to search all the way back to the Settings to ‘Pause Sync’, to break the ongoing downloads.

The Final Word

Saavn is versatile, it has a great user interface, and has an amazing collection of songs. It is definitely a one-stop solution for all your music needs. With some minor tweaking it can easily become the one music player app you’ve been looking for.

It is 10.5MB free download from the app store. If all you need now is a recommendation, we give that wholeheartedly.

Download Saavn for iOs

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212 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 208 Google+ 3 Pin It Share 0 StumbleUpon 1 212 Flares ×
Review Overview
  • UI8.5
  • Features9
  • Ease of Use8
  • Overall8.5
Total Score8.5

A one-stop solution for all your music needs.

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