Expedia iOS App Review

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Travelling, destination-hopping, trips, or out on business, Expedia has always catered to the needs of a traveler. This tourism giant has come up with a particularly beautiful app design that allows the user a delightful interface to play with.

A Detailed Overview

The Expedia ios app sets a first impression like no other. It practically provides a window to the world! The users can literally scroll down and behold the glorious wallpapers of various destinations all around the world. Yes, it might delay the fast business traveler a bit, but for those of us who want to take a trip, this app presents a treat for the eyes.


Tap on Hotels, click on the search on the top right of the page, fill in your details, and then play! Yes, that’s true. By the time the search engine works for you to give you the best results, Expedia provides a nice little door tag to play along. This is a very impressive technique to keep the users engaged and not let them wander to the other sites.


Expedia is known to provide amazing discounts on trips, flights and hotels. Sort your search result as per the filter criteria you are looking for. Tap on Map and the inbuilt map provides you a clear idea of the location of your Hotel. The transition from one page to the other is very smooth, and the UI is particularly very exciting.

It becomes very easy for the users to choose the hotels, see the reviews, and select the best deals from among the gamut of options that Expedia provides.


Coming to Flights, there’s again a window for you to open and close and watch the passing clouds. This is another one of the smart techniques for keeping the users stay put until the page loads.


It provides the user with the best rates, and also shows the Baggage Fee Information at the bottom of the page. Once you tap on the flight that suits your requirement, you can view the flight details which you can then finally checkout and pay for.

The Extra Features

Expedia provides in-app details of all your booked trips. It is integrated with Passbook, so you can never miss out on any of your tickets and they will all come up automatically on your mobile device, as and when you reach the destination.

Now, there is another very unique feature that I found in the mobile application. Expedia even posts in details that they are hiring! Open vacancies and requirements are posted on the mobile app as well. You might as well find a great opportunity while you travel!

Expedia also hints you towards other similar apps from the same developer Mobiata. Together they guide the users towards travelling smart.


The Shortcomings

The app works only for iOS 7 or later. There is also an issue reported that it throws in an error message saying “We’re working hard to add domestic flights in an upcoming version”. This happens specifically when in the settings, you have chosen the country as your own, for example India.

But, changing the setting to United States i.e, expedia.com(default) will fetch you the details for domestic flights for India. This is weird thing that confuses the users. It is best to leave the settings as default, if you are okay with the conversion rates.

To Conclude

Expedia mobile app provides Mobile-Exclusive deals, Easy Booking for trips, Hotels and Flights, and gives you an integrated mobile itinerary that you can view in real-time. With 31.1MB size, it is a freebie worth checking out.

Download Expedia iOs App

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