iGenApps : Create an app from within an app

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We have been covering the number of ways by which you can create your own mobile applications. We have reviewed web-based platforms which help you create your own mobile app. These websites cater to the needs of non-technical people who wish to reach out to a greater customer base with their very own apps created for the smartphones and for the HTML5 websites.

Each one of these platforms have their own pros and cons. But the one thing that’s common to all of these is that, they all are web based. You need to login through a browser, and then explore the functionalities offered.

Now, how would you feel if there’s an app dedicated for the very same purpose? Yes, there is an app that helps you create your own, using your smartphone! This means, now the users have the capability to create an app, on-the-go!

No programming skills required, no technical knowledge expected. Download Apper, and start building a mobile application for your clients, your business, or for promoting your content. IGenApps focuses on making your app available to a larger user base, by giving a unique link and a QR code, which can be used for downloading the app, making it free from OS platforms. However, if the user wants to get his app published on the App Store, all they need to do is pay $99.

There is a learning curve involved in using the platform which is aided through tutorials available in youtube. If you are new to the application building environment, it would be a bit confusing at the start. But once you have got the idea about how to go around it, iGenApps would really make your life easy.

Once you are in the app, start with the ~ez_lsquo+ez_rsquo~ on the top right corner of the page. Enter the details of your application, like the Name, Description, and Name of the Creator etc.

iGenApps : Create an app from within an app

Once you are done with the General Info, go ahead and choose the Splash Screen for your app. This icon will distinguish your app from the other similar applications. In case you do not see that option, you would have to activate the Premium features that are available at a rather small price.

iGenApps : Create an app from within an app

Splash Screen Features

Select the user interface for your application. There are four menu themes to choose from as shown below:

iGenApps : Create an app from within an app

Once you have added all the content you wish to display on your app, iGenApps lets you in on the preview of how your app would look like. The app does take a little time to load your content. It is not as quick as you might expect it to be. iGenApps allows you to connect to the users of your app. You can share feeds from multiple sources like Facebook, Google+, Youtube, WordPress and more. You can also share your location and let your user contact you through phone, text message or email. The content of your website would be auto updated in the app, if you include the RSS feed.

iGenApps : Create an app from within an app

Preview and Feed Sharing Options

All said and done, how will iGenApps create revenue for you? You application will be published at the touch of a button, and you can then share your application via email and social media channels. As more and more people download and use your app, your business starts getting a good amount of publicity across the app community. You can add a Paypal payment screen or Paypal donation screen to your app. You only need to have a Paypal account but the end users don’t. They can pay with credit cards only without having to own a Paypal account. For more, you can check out foolproof ways of making money from your app.

The app is published for a three day free trial, after which it expires. If you wish to keep your app live and busy, you can choose either their monthly or yearly subscriptions depending on your requirement. For this, you need to have a Paypal account, which can be used to pay for the subscription, and enjoy the unlimited benefits of iGenApps. With this unique service, you can also keep a daily, weekly and even a monthly track of the unique users and the number of downloads for your app.

iGenApps : Create an app from within an app

Dashboard and Payment Features

Overall, iGenApps is a clever way of creatively engaging smartphone users. Whether you are in the park, or in the hospital, or just sulking around the house on a dull day, pick up your smartphone, and start building an application. Spread the word about your work, and get noticed by members of the app community.

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