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When was the last time you forgot something? Umm, forgot that too? No matter what your profession may be, we all are humans, and we all forget. Shopping for Christmas presents a day before Santa Claus arrives? Forgot your bill payments, missed out on an application date, and couldn’t get the latest copy of a bestseller because it sold out like hot cake? How about the dance recital of your niece you missed and you feel worse because she was mentally prepared for it? Don’t go beating yourself up over it any longer; our expertise in forgetting important events and also the consequences we often have to face with a mute lips has led to the invention of a ingenious app: “Days”.

After all, Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Days Android app helps you setup countdowns for the days to a special occasion: your first date anniversary ( Yes guys, you no longer have the liberty to say" I forgot" with puppy eyes), or prepares you to man up for a dreadful encounter you cannot avoid: the Math finals. Be it the ball game/cricket game or the doctor’s appointment that you were to accompany your mother for, days left for the Latest tech to hit the market, or the countdown to your favorite movie sequel to be out. Days is here and by the looks of its here to stay!


Have a personal secretary minus the drama on your phone, to remind you or to soothe your impatience to a special experience you just can’t wait to have, Miami/Goa calling. This is a glossy app that you can have on your phone’s home screen to show you a countdown to the D day! Your dream vacation or the day you can move into your own house will never look like a wait forever 🙂 Elegant enough that one can customize it to fit their needs with individual countdowns set up for all the important must-remember days. There are quite a few colors and covers available that will help you make each event special, unique and symbolic of the reason why, you set up the countdown in the first place. Choose a date from the calendar and then add a title and description. Since this app is built based on open-source libraries, it is definitely free with no ads. The app starts the countdown immediately, showing you the number of days left till: “It’s Time”

It ensures that you never miss out on any important memories, by ensuring you remember the days left for that occasion to finally arrive and not catch you off guard. It helps you strike a balance between your spheres of work, family, friends, colleagues, and academics.Having this app on your side will make people wonder, “how does he do it, remember…every… date?", be generous and share your fifteen minutes to fame and be rewarded multifold in return when someone sets up a countdown to your birthday?

Spread the word and never forget a instance you would wish to remember, Days is here to improve and elevate your associations to a all new level, aid you in your quest for educational excellence and help you form vital bonds that enriches your life! Click on the download button below to free yourself from dates jumble:

Download days from Google play

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Days ensures that you never miss out on any important memories. Must have app for any Android user.

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