Sweet ‘N’ Spicy: The Ultimate Indian Recipes App

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Sweet ’N’ Spicy developed by Adhish Technologies is one of the best Indian recipe apps on all the three major App Stores. With a total of 7000+ recipes and 1000+ video recipes, there is absolutely no dearth in variety. The recipes featured here mostly revolve around Indian cuisine but dig a little deeper and you’ll find more dimensions. So whether you’re a bored housewife looking to spice up your kitchen life or a lazy bachelor who has had enough of canteen food, check out this app for its various attributes. The app is free and can be upgraded by shelling out a nominal fee. The ads are placed at the bottom of the screen and are non-disruptive.
When you launch the app, you’re taken straight to the featured recipe. The app is fairly easy to use.

Screenshot of Sweet'N'Spicy

Simple and easy to use

There are many categories like vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, 30-Minute Recipes, Regional, Vegan, Kids, Must Try, Chef’s Recipes, Special Diets, Easy Recipes, And Beginner, Festival and Bachelor Recipes. They are further divided into sub categories. Each recipe has a handy image, list of ingredients, simple instructions and time required, as is expected of such apps. Apart from these, the app has a few standout features:
• Next to a few of the ingredients, you will find a tip.

Screenshot of tips on Sweet'N'Spicy

Tips that come in handy

• Recipes for special diets like Diabetic, Jain, Gluten free and low Calorie .
• A social media-esque environment, where users can like, rate, and favorite recipes and tips. You will also find an option to follow accounts and post queries regarding their recipes.

Screenshot of Chilli Chicken recipe on Sweet'N'Sour

Option to like, rate, favorite and ask questions

• The “My Favorites” tab where you can save all the interesting looking recipes.
• Recipes like Aloe Vera Curry! Oddly fascinating.
• The “My Kitchen” tab, that helps find recipes according to the ingredients present in your kitchen. Unfortunately, this feature is not functioning properly. Hopefully it will be sorted in the next update.
• As an alternative to the “My Kitchen” option, you can use the search tab. A search of “egg low calorie salad” threw up a result of an egg and spinach salad.
• An option to personalize the app so as to filter out unwanted results.

Screenshot of personalize option on Sweet'N'Spicy

Option to personalize it as per your requirements

On the flipside, the video recipes take long to buffer and lack clarity. The text recipes are good enough since the instructions are lucid. But a beginner might be more comfortable following the video recipes. The USP of the app has definitely got to be the sheer variety. The best way to use the app is to use the search feature using any sort of key word. Most of the recipes are unrated and hence it’s difficult to predict how they will turn out. Popular recipes are a safe bet. Interact with active accounts and enrich your cooking experience. Whether you’re a skilled cook or a complete newbie, this Ultimate Indian Recipes App has something for everyone. Strongly recommended.

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Useful features like Tips and My Kitchen make this an even better app, a must for the sheer collection of Indian recipes.


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