MIX app review : If you’ve loved Camera 360, start MIXing

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This brand new app by the makers of Camera 360, takes editing to a different level. Developer Xu Hao has created MIX to provide users with DSLR like features, right on to their smartphones!

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The app itself looks very stylish and has got some really impressive features. It paid heed to its users and made some cool changes using the suggestions from the beta version.

MIX app review : If you’ve loved Camera 360, start MIXing

There are two basic options in the start; take a picture or correct the ones in the gallery. Choosing to edit my existing photographs, I found that the effects have a smart jargon, such as Eagle, Gum, and Omega among the others. Well, there is the obvious bit of cropping, then there was adjusting the brightness and the blur, and then, there was the MIX!

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If you thought Camera 360 had the greatest features, this app will make you believe it can do a lot more. It looks very neat and sophisticated, has a lot of filters to choose from, and each with their own subcategory of adjustments. Now, this is one thing I particularly liked. For example, I might like a LOMO, but I always want that extra little change to suit my taste. These sub-filters in MIX app helped me do just that!

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MIX (10) MIX (7)The best part of this app is, it doesn’t look or even feel like a sequel of Camera 360. Its looks fresh, its looks smart, and it does its work very well! You can create all sorts of textured images with MIX. I also liked the Tints that have been so well organized as per the color codes. I do agree that the features are similar in nature to that of its prequel, but the app looks nothing like it. Even if you have been an avid user of Camera 360, MIX will still take you by surprise!

MIX app review : If you’ve loved Camera 360, start MIXing

When all’s said and done, I tapped on what looked like a share sheet on the top right and MIX allowed me to ‘Save my Formula’! Although it did feel like I had just created a new-gen amalgam, but this ‘Formula’ of mine, got stored as an all-new, customized filter on my MIX application.

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The thing that I kept of searching, for quite some time, was, whether or not it had any sharing option other than to Instagram. But, unfortunately there wasn’t one! MIX is actually meant to enhance your pics for Instagram. To send the edited photos through message or email, one has to save it to the camera roll, and send them through the other applications.

You can pretty much do the same tinkering with the photos you take. It is indeed a good way to create and save your own photo editing capability. MIX is a good app when it comes to editing, but when sharing has become so overwhelming everywhere, I wish I could share my customized filter, along with my photos, to my family and friends!

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