Mobli a Great and Fun Photo Sharing App for iOS

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Mobli is basically a fun photosharing app for iOS and lets you broadcast live through your iPhone. It is up in the shelf with Instagram, or better to say it aims to be right there. And with investments from the second richest person on the planet, Carlos Slim and with mainstream endorsements from celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Serena Williams and many more, it sure has got all the limelight punch.

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What Makes Mobli Such a Great Photo Sharing App for iOS

Login to Mobli with Facebook, Twitter or Google+, add in your iPhone contacts, and you’re in.

You are now presented with the gorgeous feed of photos and videos that is quite interesting. With Mobli you can use pinch finger gestures to zoom out a photo and slide to see one after the other. Mobli lets you find the hash tagged categories you like, comment, love or repost your favorites.

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The Star Tab shows feeds categorized into the popular ones, Mobli suggestions and the live broadcasts that are happening ‘Now’. Your recent Notifications and Conversations are flagged at the bottom bar of the page.

You can also do a lot with your own profile. Change the Cover, Share your media with your followers and promote yourself. Mobli definitely has a smooth UI and a hell lot of functions.

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The Camera icon works in the real magic for you. You can take a photo, video or can broadcast live! Apply the fun filters to give a fancy touch to your posts. Go to photos and you get options to beautify, tilt shift, filters, frames and photo allignment adjusts.

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What takes Mobli to the next level is it does not stay restricted as a photo sharing app for iOS and sharing a video is a lot more fun. The filters such as SunLit, 35MM, Lake House etc will give you the extra oomph there as well. What we liked the most is that Mobli gives you the option to override an otherwise dull original sound and superimpose livelier tracks from your music library. Couple this up with the beautiful filters and you get yourself a gorgeous video that’ll amaze your followers every time!

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Whats most cheered for, is the feature of going live, right from your iPhone. Click on the camera icon and you are asked to shoot a cover pic for your broadcast. It is a smart inclusion I must say. You can then enter a caption, connect it to reflect in social media and hash tag the video. Then just tap and Go Live! Invite your followers to join in your delight.

Things which Could Have Been Better

There are a few things one should keep in mind while using Mobli. Given that it is a photo sharing app for iOS, you will be asked to link your social media accounts to Mobli. Users often find their viewing habits reflected on their social pages, which is sometimes good and sometimes a little too embarrassing. You need to disable this aspect in the settings of the app.

Apps which are in sync with iOS7, have included the swipe gesture to go back a page. But with Mobli, users need to tap the top left of the page. With an app that has all the amazing features otherwise, this came as a surprise to me.

Our verdict

Mobli is a fun tool. Period. With it’s intention clear to take on Instagram, it surely has taken steps in the right direction in terms of a rich UI and user experience. It is easy to use, intuitive and has quite a lot of ingenious features, all in a single place.

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No more would people need separate apps for photos, videos and even for their latest craze to go live. If you are socially full of zip, this is a must try for you. At a rather hefty but free download of 79.3 MB from the app store, Mobli is all set to capture your interest.

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