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Why would you want to invest money in car navigation systems when your smartphone can be made fully equipped to suit all your navigation needs? In fact navigation apps come with added features like real time tracking and traffic updates, making them superior to traditional navigation systems. Additionally you won’t have to shell out as much money, even for the paid apps. To make things even simpler for you, we at SwapMyApp have come up with a compilation of the best free navigation apps you’ll find on Play Store.


Navigator is one of those few offline navigation apps that are well worth your time. They are available across all Android phones and Tablets and use OpenStreetMaps which explains why the app is absolutely free. You can download the maps of those countries that you require and save them on your internal or external memory i.e. SD card. This is a boon for phones with a very limited internal storage. And since it works in an offline mode, you will incur no data charges while using the navigation schemes. Think of all the money you could save on exorbitant roaming data charges.

Screenshot of Navigator

Navigator comes bundled with all your regular navigation app options and more

  • The app comes bundled with a set of navigation options like navigate route info, my places and tools.
  • The tool tab is resplendent with features like simulate route, record and replay. You are also provided an odometer (to show distance travelled).
  • Once you download the speed camera data on the maps manager, you can use it for enabling audible alerts regarding over speeding.
  • Voice guidance is available in different languages.
  • Search by address, google search, geographical co-ordinates or even Point of Interest(POI)
Screenshot of Navigator

Download maps and then use them offline on Navigator

Overall, I’d say a brilliant offline navigation app with plenty of useful features and options. However, reviews indicate malfunction on Kitkat devices. Download the app and share your experience

Download Navigator from Google Play


The native Android navigation app, has seen tremendous success on account of its impeccable accuracy and near flawless working. With this app, there simply isn’t much that you can’t do. With maps of around 200 countries and detailed information of a 100 million locations, be assured to never be lost in any alleyway, street or by lane again. According to me the best feature of the app is the ability to use it while you’re walking, biking or driving.

Screenshot of Maps

Various modes you could use Maps in

A side option of “tips and tricks" will help you use the app to its fullest potential. This app can also be used in offline mode, wherein the area saved depends on whether its available offline and your device storage. Therefore, unlike Navigator, you don’t have to download huge data amounts to save maps of whole countries. Impressed? There’s more to come. You can also look up reviews of restaurants, malls, etc and obtain indoor imagery for the same. Real time features include live traffic, incident reports, and dynamic re-routing. Sudden urge to shop, eat or catch up at the movies? The explore option is very useful for finding nearby malls, restaurants, pubs, coffee houses, and movie theaters.

Screenshot of Maps

Color coded traffic information. For instance, red indicates slow moving traffic

On the flipside, the app takes a while to load and that can get annoying. Also the interface will take a little getting used to, for novices.

Download Maps from Google Play


Waze isn’t just a regular navigation app. The USP of Waze is how it works as a social media based mapping, traffic and navigating app. As the developers put it, you’ll be “connected to the largest community of drivers on the planer, who share real time trafiic information and live road alerts". There are some outstanding features that simply make this the best navigation app on Android.

Screenshot of Waze

The routing, distance and ETA are surprisingly accurate

  • Integrate Waze with your Facebook profile and then you simply require a one tap navigation to any FB event.
  • Continuous use of GPS can drain your battery, therefor the app shuts down if it detects that you haven’t driven for a long time.
  • Send out live ETA and links while you’re driving to your destination, and locate your FB buddies.
  • Automatic rerouting after gathering real time data from the Waze community.
  • Attractive graphics. They don’t matter much in a navigation app. Yet, it increases the overall appeal.
  • Avoid traffic jams because real time traffic data is made available to you.
Screenshot of Waze

Report traffic jams and accidents all in real time, to help fellow Wazers

A few kinks they need to sort out: the voice guided navigation doesn’t stop when you receive/ accept calls. And get rid of the ads.

Download Waze from Google Play

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