Use Auto Finder to Track Parked Cars [Android]

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How often has it happened that you have parked your car in the huge expanse of concrete, they call parking lots, and then completely forgotten about its location? Of course you could use your remote keys, set alarms blaring in an attempt to locate it and let everyone know that you are confounded and disoriented. Especially in crowded urban places in India, you would probably be parking miles away from your destination.

Touring an unfamiliar territory could lead you to a similar situation as well. But what if I were to tell you that you need not be embarrassed this way and a simple solution lies in your packet itself? Apps have been making our lives easier since the past few years, and one such app is “Auto Finder" that helps locate parked cars. The app facilitates gps tracking vehicles system to help you trace your way back to your car.

So how does it work? It uses the GPS in your device. If GPS is turned off, then it uses cell tower and WiFi for location tracking. When the app was used for the first time, the location had to be stored manually. The blue dot indicates current location and the red one indicates the parking location. (Refer screenshot)

Screenshot of Auto Finder

Using the App in Satellite Mode

The app allows you to switch from Satellite maps to Simple maps and vice versa. You can use gps tracking vehicles system at any point of time. However there is a default “2 minute" tab that will automatically open up navigation when you’re two minutes away from your car. The results are fairly accurate and the error margin is approximately 10 meters.

Screenshot of Auto Finder

Press the 2 minute tab to get navigation

Screenshot of Auto Finder

Way to your Parked Car

The USP of Auto Finder lies in the fact that you need not remove your phone from your pocket at all. That’s what sets it apart from the swarm of similar car finding apps on Play Store. It does so by finding Bluetooth devices(background process, no set up required) in your car that you’ve hooked up your phone with, for example the car stereo. The app claims that it gets smarter, the longer it has been on your handset. Now this is a claim you will have to verify for us.

A few improvements/features I’d like to see by the next update:

• Parking Meter Alarm which is present on a few apps
• Ability to tag multiple cars and save related information
• Save other locations like Hotels, Stations, etc. This feature would be helpful for tourists

With no crashes, no lags, no annoying ads and some worthy features, this one should make it to your download list! Don’t wait and hit the download button provided below:

Download from Google Play

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Never forget where you parked again with this brainy app for Android.


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