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Emergence of brand NaMo in the social media is unquestionable. Even the most ardent of Congress or AAP fans can not deny the ubiquity of NaMo over social media. The advent of Narendra Modi over the years is nothing less than magical. From running a small tea-shop along with his brother in Gujarat to becoming the 14th Chief Minister of the state to being the Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections – he has been there and indeed done it all. Not only is he the longest serving chief minister of Gujarat but his role in bringing Gujarat up as a prominent industrial zone in the map of India and indeed the world has been acknowledged by one and all. Such has been his ascent that inspite of being clouded by multiple controversies his fan base has always grown exponentially.

The Android App NaMo News is a tribute to the man, and a gift to his followers from the developer Jai Bhatt. One of the most standout features of the app is its amazing simplicity. The beauty of the app lies in the fact that it encompasses news feeds and tweets and Narendra Modi images from various digital and paper media and presents to you in a capsule form. The app is primarily divided into two categories – Namo News and Namo Tweet.

NaMo News – This section primary covers news articles along with Narendra Modi images that has been published in various newsfeeds. The feeds are ranked according to relevance and freshness and hyperlink is provided to the actual source of the article. Navigation to the main website and back to the app is simple enough and can be achieved by simply touching on the hyperlink and then the back button.

NaMo Twits – Narendra Modi was one of the first person to realize the growing importance of tweeter and acknowledge it as one of the most important marketing tool for his campaign. So, it is obvious that he is one of the most followed leaders on Twitter. With Namo Twits you can stay updated with the entire spectrum of tweeter interactions of Narendra Modi. You can even retweet or share certain tweets you specifically agree to without navigating out from the app.

The most major disappointment about this app is there is no auto refresh. Though you may argue that there is a refresh button to do just that, but the refreshing takes time and you might just run out of patience. To sum up, the app is good but it could have been brilliantly captivating if some minor changes were made. For example, another big drawback of the app is its blunt design which gives all Narendra Modi images a very dull look. Surely, a better color combination could have been chosen if you are looking to promote the next Prime Minister of the country.

Also, the app mostly populates newsfeeds from major articles on the web and Twitter world but does not have any value addition on its own. For all its worth, if I am looking to read the latest news I will prefer going to google than open up an app for it. An argument can be made that dealing with an app is much more comfortable and it has wonderfully encapsulated all feeds and Narendra Modi images. But there is still reason to believe that much more insightful information would have gone a long way in popularizing the app to the next level.

However, in spite of the few tweaks here and there that might just have made the app even better this app will surely engage you if you are a follower of NaMo. Get your own NaMo News app at

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