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Newspapers don’t always have all the information. And the TV and Internet may take too much of your time and energy to find AAM Aadmi Party Latest News. Are you interested in the activities and inside stories of this dynamic political party? More importantly, do you want to register your name in the party register, and become an active member of AAP? The AAP official Android app is here to keep you updated on the party’s activities and inside stories.

Developed by Ravi Sharma, the Aam Aadmi Party Official app is extremely user-friendly. It serves as a worthy intermediary between the party and the common man – its supporters. The app opens with the words AAP written in the colors of the Indian national flag, on a saffron background, symbolizing courage and sacrifice. This has captured the mood perfectly.

The app suffers from no initial lag. Even if it does, it’s probably because of a RAM overload in your Android device. Once it gets successfully loaded, the login page opens with a green background. You are given the choice of making use of your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. In case you don’t want to associate your social networking profiles, you can click on the Guest Login option and continue.

Up next appears a registration form which you need to fill up, and submit. All the above-mentioned formalities need to be done just once, the first time that you open the app. Once you are registered, you are allowed into the home page of the app.

In case you do not want to register, you may click on Skip Registration. The home page is partitioned into three sections. It has been designed in such a way that every time it is opened, it starts updating itself automatically in accordance to the AAP archives.

  • The NEWS section consists of the latest headlines in relation to Aam Aadmi Party latest news.
  • The VIDEOS section mostly consists of the video recordings of speeches by AAP leaders like Arvind Kejriwal, Yogender Yadav, Manish Sisodia etc. and welfare activities of the AAP workers. Be it the ‘lathi’ charges outside Rail Bhawan or the more recent ‘dharna’ (hunger strike), everything about AAP can be found here.
  • The BLOG section contains blogs written by several writers, including some on the rise of AAP to power and their role in Indian politics.

The Settings option does not serve any particular function. It just redirects to a webpage showing the google results of “Aam Aadmi Party".

The home page also comes up with a menu option on the left side. In addition to News, Videos and Blogs, the menu also contains options like:

  • Donate – This feature has still not been developed properly for mobile users. In case you want to donate, you will be redirected to
  • Facebook – This displays the official page of AAP in the popular social networking site.
  • Support – Under construction.
  • Swaraj ebook and JanLokpal ebook – These are direct links to download the ebook versions of the two books written by Arvind Kejriwal and Anna Hazare.
  • Accounts – This provides a way using which you can switch between your profiles in Facebook, Twitter and Google.
  • Profile – You get to view your profile using this.

The overall design of the app is cool and trendy. It is very user-friendly. Though it is still under-construction, it’s quite effective in catching the attention of the common people and helping them connect to the leaders of the party.

If you find this review to be helpful, send us your feedback. We value your opinions, and they matter to us!

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  • Effectiveness7
  • Design7

With the sudden upsurge of the AAP action, quite a number of developers rolled out apps in favor of AAP but this being the official one is way better in all prospects than the others...Overall - A very tidy and effectual app...

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