SkyScanner iPhone App – Book your Tickets on the Go with Ease

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Skyscanner iPhone app is fast, it is efficient and it searches and compares hundreds of airlines within seconds. An app that does require a bit of a learning to start off with, but Skyscanner is otherwise an easy and simple app to plan your trips.

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As you download and install the app, the first thing that you can see is the search page. Now, this is what we call going straight to business. No fuss, no ads and no distractions whatsoever. Tap on Search, and you will find filters based on Airports, Airlines, your preferred time, duration of the flight, and number of stops. It also shows results from providers with mobile optimized booking sites.


Exploring the SkyScanner iPhone App in Details

The Chart will show you the price fluctuations in the same route, over a period of one whole year. If you make your plans based on their predictions, you are surely going to save a lot of money.


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With Skyscanner, it is very easy to share the flight information over your social networking sites. Tweet about the great deals or Post them on Facebook. It is always a good thing to share the good knowledge that you possess, isn’t it? You can even email yourself the flight details and get back to them at a later date.


Explore in greater details about the flights reaching your desired destination from various different locations. You might just find a better deal from the next nearest airport.



The app is really smooth, and very informative. You can create new pages to search for the best flight options. This is a great help when you are searching for a cheaper alternative, and you need to go back and forth the same page. It is definitely good if, like a browser, you can switch between pages to look through.

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Skyscanner is an app dedicatedly built for users who seek flight information. No embellishments for trips, packages, things to do! You need to fly, you check this app for the best deals. That is it!


The little bits of customization in Skyscanner, along with its candid interface, makes it a very useful application for customers who like to book flights on the go. Users have an easy option of changing their currency, save booking information and return later, mark a great deal as a favorite, and even put various trips on the watch list and receive pop-ups informing them about a price drop or a better deal.

One of the highlights of Skyscanner is that it is available in over 29 languages and over 70 currencies. And therefore, Skyscanner makes it flexible on when you fly and where you fly. It lets the user find the cheapest dates to travel and also the cheapest flights from their local airport.

The Bottom Line

Skyscanner is dedicated, it is meant only for booking flights and getting the best deals in and out of your destination. It has some really good features that makes it easier for the users to book flights on the go. Although it does not provide trip planning, hotel booking and stuff, but this 12.9MB free app is a must try for all.

Download SkyScanner from Apple App Store

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