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Stack overflow was a computer programming related question and answer community founded in 2008. An enhancement of sorts on the same is Stack Exchange which doesn’t restrict the subjects to software and related topics; but is a diverse web based QnA community consisting of a myriad number of communities forming a big network. And as with any successful web venture, the creators have also come up with the Stack Exchange app which is the official app for all Stack Exchange sites, including Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, Ask Ubuntu and Arqade. Don’t get bamboozled by these terms. Like I said, the main website was related to computer programming and hence there are quite a few topics from the said field. However it also covers diverse topics like physical fitness, Christianity, languages, (Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, et al) and Sustainable living!

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The elementary functions and features of the app are:
1. Create diverse communities where people can question, answer and comment. And vote for the best answers
2. Pin favorite sites so as to get a combined feed from them

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Find all your pinned sites in one place

3. Instant notifications when someone answers your questions or comments on them
4. Reliable answers from approved users: users can earn reputation points for votes received on their answers
5. Moderators are selected by users itself!
6. You can search for questions, tags or users. The tag is an especially important feature since your topic wouldn’t be very vast or even limited as just a question. You could browse through all questions indexed under that tag.
7. Bifurcation of questions under: active, newest, hot, unanswered

Screenshot of Stack Exchange

Look up questions under various sections like active, answered, etc

The navigation is extremely simple and you basically have a 116 and growing community at your fingertips. The app has a simple and practical user interface. The look is clean and uncluttered. Some instances of crashing had been reported but the updates are likely to iron out these minor kinks.
The question and answer tabs are kept separate. I do not understand the point of this. Wouldn’t it make for simpler viewing if we could scroll down, answers below the question with the best answer on top, of course. And the comments should have a collapse/expand option. The comments that are placed right below each of the answers are distracting.
Keep in mind that their tagline is “expert answers to your questions”. So this is serious business. If you’re looking for a more informal and carefree platform, you would probably be better off with the Quora mobile app. Stack Exchange is essentially an app for programmers and developers. Do let us know your experience with the app.
Download link posted below.

Download from Google Play
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Total Score7.5

A great app to learn, explore and get professional answers for the simplest of questions


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