SwapMyApp The App: DIY Conduit iOS, Fire OS and Android App Maker

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A few days back we published a review about Conduit Mobile iOS, Fire OS and Android App Maker. The app-making platform has been making app building easy for absolute novices with no coding knowledge whatsoever. In the previous article we listed out how simple and convenient the app maker made making apps (fans of alliteration, we are). As a follow up, we went ahead and made an app for your favorite site—SwapMyApp, obviously—and we are mighty pleased with the result.

As previously mentioned, we just had to follow a 3-step process: naming the app, choosing the app type and then inserting the URL of the website, the Facebook page and the Twitter page. The end result is what you see below:

Screenshot of SwapMyApp

The home page of “SwapMyApp”

To begin with you have an option to add your own distinctive icon. On launching the app, you’re led to the home page i.e. the web page. Here, you’ll also find different options merging all our social media pages, i.e. Facebook and Twitter for now. As and when we expand, we will have an increased social media presence and all our additional pages could be incorporated into the app as well. That is to say, all existing apps can be edited and changes can be brought about smoothly. Brilliant, isn’t it?

The user interface is smooth and hassle-free. And for an app that was built so effortlessly, we’re amazed at how amazingly well it functions. No issues whatsoever. We went in for the Gold plan, which offers us unlimited downloads at a mere $39 per month. Of course when you launch the app it will show the Conduit Mobile brand icon, but hey, for these prices we aren’t complaining. Still, if you don’t want that, you could choose the Platinum pack (priced at $99 per month) and get the “white label" feature i.e. no Conduit Mobile branding.

The RSS feed will show you all our posts, the latest one on top. Tap on any of the reviews to read them. And the best part is you can even share the contents of the page via messaging, Facebook, WhatsApp or any other messaging app you have installed on your handset.

Up next is the Facebook page where you can read all our latest posts and view our timeline. To like or comment on any of our posts, you will have to authorize Conduit Mobile Apps in your profile. Then comes our Twitter feed, where you can view our tweets with a single click. Not only app reviews, but we also cover topics related to the vast field of technology and related economics, so be sure to follow us and not miss out on the happenings in the fast moving, ever changing dynamics of this territory.

Screenshot of SwapMyApp

SwapMyApp Tweets

We are extremely pleased and satisfied with the app we built for ourselves that took no more than 15 minutes. Have a business you’d like to make an app for? Why don’t you go ahead and give Conduit Mobile a try and let us know your experience!

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