Now what? How your online life is going to change after Facebook’s $19 billion Whatsapp swoop

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With Facebook’s 19 billion purchase of Whatsapp almost 80% of an average man’s mobile time (yours truly conducted a personal survey among friends to estimate this) is likely to be spent on Facebook or Facebook owned apps. Yes, people you heard it right if you are as average as you figure your neighbor is (we always figure everyone around us is really really average) then more often than not you will spend your time with one of Zuckerberg owned products.

In a latest interview Mark Zuckerberg says that Facebook’s focus remains on going mobile and they are still working with the singular goal of connecting everyone on this planet. (I do not recall exact details of what he said but this was my reading). With the acquisition of Whatsapp for an unbelievable $19 billion it is a sure indication that Mark was not really kidding.

But how does this change your online life? We look for fascinating changes that can come in future as a result of this deal.

1.Find your Facebook friends in Whatsapp

For starters one very good idea might be to sync Facebook messenger with whatsapp contacts. The motivation behind this is very simple, the ease of connecting (driving point of Facebook and Whatsapp over the last few years). The reason why whatsapp outshone every other app of its kind was mainly because of the simplicity of adding over BBM (no need of calling people and finding their PIN), simple interface without any lag and superior connectivity (if you have used viber you would know, the app just keeps taking you offline as soon as you are not active). So, now whatsapp along with adding people with numbers will also show people from your friend’s list on Facebook as long as they are on whatsapp. Of course this would mean Facebook messenger goes for a toss but surely Mark would not mind that much.

2. Facebook knows your real close friends and connects you better with them

Now, over the last year surely you have observed Facebook trying to ask you about, who your closer friends are and in return of you telling Facebook the same, their profiles and updates appear more prominently on Facebook. But most of the Facebook data is reliant on who you are chatting more on Facebook which at least for me is not a clear indication of who my real close buddies are. I mean sure I chat on Facebook too but not with my closest buds. Now imagine, what can be done with all the data accumulated from whatsapp. That is where most people chat with their closest friends, people they care about people they want to follow and know about on social platforms too. I mean if I see my best friend updating a status I have more chances of commenting on it than some random ass stranger to whom I might have just chatted on Facebook for a few professional reasons. Think of how much more interactive Facebook can become with this new indication. Mindboggling considering there is so little scope of improvement left.

3. Surveillance on your partner becomes easier

So many breakups have resulted because of Last Seen in feature of whatsapp. Now, add Last Seen at from Facebook along with message seen or not and this might just be a feature which every insecure boy friend and girl friend welcomes with the utmost of glee. Oh, from the days of Yahoo Messenger and Omegle where the entire online world was marked by anonymity and privacy to Facebook where everyone has a distinguishable identity, the change has been fast and difficult to cope up. And this might just be the last nail in the coffin. My sincerest condolences to the suffering hearts if Zuckerberg really goes through with this.

4. Share photos seamlessly from Facebook to Whatsapp

One thing I hate about smartphones is my friends stopping me over everything that is worth seeing (according to them) and taking a million pictures. This painful experience becomes further excruciating when rather than a nice chat over a cup of coffee in our stopover they start updating all over Facebook. Wow how irritating people are!! But I guess only one out of 100 people like me who thinks pictures are a waste of time and well for the rest 99 of the population Facebook and whatsapp integration might just produce an unfathomable joy. Imagine now you don’t have to give links from Whatsapp to your FB page and can rather just sync the FB album to your whatsapp profile. Wow!! I am sure that there will be plenty of takers for this though I personally will totally stay away.

You could buy the entire nation of Greece with that money but come to think of it you will still have 19 billion left. So, moving on to the next idea probably you can buy an island in the Caribbean and sip the delicious Mojito and engage a personal helicopter to go to Manhattan for a chat or to Silicon Valley for a weekend party with friends. But Zukerberg was having none of that and well so folks, we have one of the biggest acquisitions in the world’s history. Whether it will revolutionize the social media World as Facebook or whatsapp did as an individual entity truly remains to be seen.

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