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With the advent of open source center for the technology world, the days believing “Ignorance is bliss" are over. Our quest for knowledge and answers paved way for a faster, extensively accessible, accurate and freely available information powerhouse: “Google”.

Next Generation of Open Source Center Apps

The open source community was over the moon when Google first unveiled the Android operating system in the end of 2007.Versatile and easy peasy, it shot to fame exponentially and stayed there! Android became the answer to all the legitimate issues experienced over the years by users because of the monopoly of a handful of other conservative Operating Systems. Although Google enchanted us with the new features of their user friendly technological design, they failed to live up to the (now increased) expectations of the open source community (which had now become a humongous user base). One of the main reasons for this fallout is the Google Play Store.

Google Play offers a plethora of applications and games to Android users and this is backed up by security assurances by Google. However, it failed to propagate free and open source software (FOSS) which is the essence of the primary thought behind this innovative operating system. The solution: “F-Droid”.

F-Droid is an alternative package management system that is the key to enabling an android powered device to really be smart! Although it states to install apps at your own risk, it empowers our inquisitiveness by ensuring that every package is built in a completely fresh isolated virtual machine environment. Measures to enhance security are also in place and spamming should not be a major issue. Yet, appealing to our astuteness it simply states, when in doubt, don’t install. For one and all, it is a geek’s haven, technologically challenged enabled, and developers dream come true. In the big bad world of licenses, it is a mediator between Google play and your android powered device. F-Droid respects your privacy and it does not track what is installed or by whom. You don’t need an account to use the client, and it sends no additional identifying data whilst connected to their web server. F-droid not only gives you access to the apps not available Google play store, but also checks for updates for all the pre-installed apps and updates them for you. The F-Droid open source center is consistently updated and contains a wide variety of applications delighting users to harness the true potential of their gadgets!


Anti malware apps such as Adblock Plus that aren’t available on the official play store are available on F-driod!

Want to check it out now?Who wouldn’t as it’s one of the best Play Store Alternative. To install F-Droid, simply follow the download link provided below. Ensure that you’ve configured your device to install apk files from unknown sources and unlock the world of android based apps which will make you fall in love with the world of technology all over again.

Uninstalling F-Droid won’t hinder the apps installed via it. In fact, When F-Droid joins you and Google Play store, it not only covers all your needs and ensures that you have the finest of what the open source center has to offer but also keeps your existing apps up to date, giving you the best of both worlds!

Download F-Droid Now
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