Reminiscing the Top 10 Features of iOS 7 While Waiting for iOS 8

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We at SwapMyApp have been waiting eagerly for the iOS 8 public release which is around the corner. While iOS 8 brings major jailbreak capabilities integrated within its operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, now users need to give it a real thought whether it is worth voiding their device’s manufacturers warranty for some tweaks which already come handy under the iOS 8 package. Nevertheless, iOS 8 is going to the be the future of iDevices, and while we are waiting for iOS 8 here at our SwapMyApp HQ, we thought reviewing iOS 7 for one last time, and rewarding it for some of its distinctive capabilities and features.

Released in 2013, iOS 7 introduced a complete makeover for Apple’s official operating system that powers majority of its iDevices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. A simple, clean, and clutter free layout, with advancements in
multitasking , and notification interaction , iOS 7 won the hearts of many iDevice users worldwide from the day one.

Reminiscing the Top 10 Features of iOS 7 While Waiting for iOS 8

Here we have compiled a list of top 10 features of iOS 7 that you might not be aware of even by now, when iOS 8 release is impending. The features discussed here are basic utilities which when used efficiently can provide ease of access to iDevice users.

1.Invert Colors To Enhance Display

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Enhance Display depending on Background Light

At times we have to use our iPhones in dull back-light or a background that doesn’t really suit well to our eyes. For such instances, Apple has included a facility to invert colors on your iPhone. That’s right. Simply toggle a switch, and your iPhone screen will get altogether a new feel and color. All the whites and greys will be gone, and replaced by blacks and golden. We personally like this feature in iOS 7 and it it a great way to enhance the display on your iPhone. To invert colors, simply navigate to Settings->General->Accessibility->Invert Colors->ON and you should see a new interface instantly.

2.Take Photos Using Earphones

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Use your iPhone Headphones to click photos

Did you know that the earphones that come along with your iPhone are not just for listening to Music or talking over phone. Many times we click pictures manually on our iPhones and the final picture turns out to be blurry. That’s because we do not tap to focus. Well, forget all the hassles now. In iOS 7, while your earphones are plugged in to your iPhone, simply launch Camera app and click the center button on your earphone controller to focus and then click a picture. This is one great utility in case one of your hand is busy and you still wish to take a snap of that moment. Simply point, and click the center button on earphone controller, and you are good to go.

3.Define Anything With In-built Dictionary

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Define Anything with In Built Dictionary

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You might not know but there exists an in-built dictionary integrated within the iOS 7 firmware on your iPhone. While you cannot just launch the dictionary application by default, since there is not method to access it, you can use the dictionary functionality by simply selecting a word, and then tapping on Define . That’s right. On a screen where you see text, simply tap on a word, and select it until you see copy/select/select all option above it. If you haven’t noticed, there is also a ‘>’ arrow button along side other options, simply tap on it and select Define to launch dictionary. That particular word will be defined for you instantly.

4.Disable Animations And Increase Speed

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Disable and Adjust Animation Speed on iOS 7

iOS 7 brings a new set of animations for users, which not only looks good to eyes, but also consume a lot of battery backup as well as processor memory at the same time. In case you are using an earlier version of iPhone, like the iPhone 4, you would already be aware of the fact that iOS 7 has slowed down your device. To get it back to its good days, you can actually turn off the animation or motion as Apple calls it. To do so, simply navigate to Settings->General->Accessibility->Reduce Motion->ON and you should see instant increase in speed of your iPhone.

5. Additional Features With Assistive Touch

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Often there’s a common problem with iPhone users that their Home button stops performing the way it should have after some time of using their iPhone. That is because the Home button on Apple’s iDevices is actually very sensitive and prone to damage after continual usage. Well, did you know you can add a virtual Home button on your device’s screen, with added functionalities. Simply head over to Settings->General->Accessibility->Assistive Touch->ON to turn the Assistive Touch ON. Now you can access Siri, Volume Controllers, or even lock your device using Assistive Touch.

6. LED Alerts For Incoming Calls

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Get LED Alerts for Incoming Calls

In case you haven’t noticed, your iPhone comes with a Settings to enable LED flash for notifications. As the name suggests, the functionality lets you add LED alerts to incoming notifications on your device. For instance, your device’s LED flash will start flashing when you receive a call, or any other notification for instance. This feature is similar to the one Blackberry added to its device, of adding LED alert for notification. You can turn it on by navigating to Settings->General->Accessibility->LED Flash For Alerts->ON .

7. Hide Stock Apps From Springboard

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Enable Restrictions and Hide Stock Apps from Springboard

How about keeping your iPhone neat and clean with only those third party applications that you need the most. For that, you can simply choose to hide native applications from your device’s springboard to keep your device’s springboard clean. Of course it also looks good to eyes to see a clutter free springboard. Hence, choose to hide the default applications from your device’s springboard easily by navigating to Settings->General->Restrictions->Enable Restrictions->Enter Password->Switch Toggles for particular native application on your iDevice.

8.Get Read TimeStamp For iMessage Messages

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

Get read timestamps for iMessages

In case you wish to know whether your friends read your iMessages or not, or to know exactly at what time they read your iMessage, there is a simple toggle under the Settings application. By turning it on, you will get to see the exact time stamp under particular messages. This way, not only you, but the recipient also gets to know when you read their iMessage. To turn this on, navigate to Settings->Messages->Send Read Receipts->ON .

9. Keyboard Switching Shortcut


In case you have added a lot of keyboards to your iPhone, you can switch between them easily without navigating to the Settings application every time. This feature is particularly useful for those iDevice users who know more than one language and often use multiple languages to communicate with friends, family and relatives. You can also use the same button to switch between Emoji and normal keyboard. To switch keyboards, simply tap on the round globe like button on bottom left row of your iDevice’s keyboard.

10. Update Your Applications Automatically

Top 10 Features of iOS 7

We can’t avoid the fact that app developers keep pushing updates to their existing applications every single day. At times it becomes a hassle to update each and every application on your iDevice. For such cases, there exists an inbuilt functionality integrated with the iOS 7. You can choose to update your applications automatically, either on cellular data, or on WiFi network.

These were the top 10 features of iOS 7 that set the operating system apart from any other smartphone operating system. iOS 7 has been one of the most user friendly OS for iDevices, and we hope that things are better with iOS 8 as well.

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