Major Changes in Jailbreak World – iOS 8.0 Preview

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In the recent iOS wwdc Apple unveiled the iOS 8.0 preview that will be powering all iDevices starting from iPhone 4S. While Apple made iPhone 4 support in the iOS 8.0 preview, a lot more comes as a surprise in the package. iOS 8 no doubt has been able to create a wave and movement around the world wide web, with major technology journals coming up with new speculations about the same every day. At this point, we at SwapMyApp gave a sneak peek, and a thought to iOS 8 and its features. The conclusion as it appears is pretty devastating for the jailbreak community. With iOS 7 already including a lot of jailbreak tweaks released earlier during the times of iOS 6, a lot of famous jailbreak tweaks like Auki, Auxo etc. can be seen disappearing with iOS 8 making a news around the web. The big question now arises: Will iOS 8 make jailbreaking redundant? We are going to focus on some of the major jailbreak tweaks which might become obsolete when iOS 8 ships out for the general public.

iOS 8.0 Preview and Impact on Jailbreaking World

It is not something new to notice that Apple has been incorporating famous jailbreak tweaks in its native iOS firmware for iDevices including iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

  • The notification center as we call it today, was once not available in the default iOS, however there were Cydia tweaks which enabled similar functions and customization on your iDevice like SevenShare.
  • Apple has been taking and modifying tweaks from the jailbreak community for ages now, a good example being the WifiSync which Apple incorporated even without changing the name.


Focusing completely on iOS 8 now, Apple has made sure to move a step ahead into the dark side of customizations, with their new operating system for their iDevices offering a whole new plethora of features, and customizations, making jailbreaking absolutely worthless.

  • With features like iCloud Drive, and interactive notifications, famous jailbreak tweaks like FullDrop that brings cloud experience to iPhone users have become redundant and hence most iDevice users are facing a common question- whether it is worth voiding their device’s warranty for jailbreaking now. We have accepted the fact that iOS 8 will be the most flexible and customizable operating system for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch ever released by the Cupertino based technology giant.39884-1280
  • What looks more like a jailbroken version of iOS 7.1, iOS 8 includes futuristic features like pull to interact with notifications, chat heads above multitasking window and many more tweaks which you used to add using Cydia and hence minimizes the need for iPhone users to add multitasking Cydia tweaks like Auxo.
  • Coming to Siri enhancements in iOS 8, you no longer need tweaks like Hands-Free Control has lost its worth as the same feature has been added within the native iOS 8 firmware by Apple.
  • The impact of iOS 8 and the features that come along with it is not only limited to the tweaks available under the Cydia store. With iOS 8, Apple has changed its programming language from Objective C to a newly developed coding technology known as Swift Code. The main reason behind this change is to obviously limit the growth of jailbreak community across the world as the new programming language offers certain limitations that jailbreak developers will face while compiling their tweaks.
  • In iOS 7, you could not really add a third-party keyboard, and the best you could do is change the color of your default iPhone keyboard by using tweaks like ColorKeyboard. Surprisingly, with iOS 8, Apple has also introduced the functionality of adding a third party keyboard, with all the facilities that you used to get from Cydia tweaks, already included under the iOS 8 package. Now you can change the default iOS keyboard, and add multiple differently styled keyboards on your iDevice without downloading any Cydia tweak in iOS 8. The keyboard will be available under the Apple’s app store for official download.
  • Coming to stock Photos application, Apple has made sure to include a Photo editor with a variety of editing modes, thus again making certain jailbreak tweaks like Rendarya obsolete with time.

Will iOS 8 Make Jailbreaking Obsolete?

With such customizations and features already in hand, Cydia and jailbreak developers across the community will have to beg to differ from the existing iOS 8 functionalities to become a hit. However, we cannot ignore the fact right now that the jailbreak community developers are thriving every day to produce better versions of features that already exist. Not only covering the functionalities that have been added by Apple officially, but also trying to think beyond the norms, and coming up with something or another that has not been brought under the hood by Apple, and that is the main reason why people will still want to jaibreak their iDevices. Hence it will be fair to conclude that no matter how many people become apprehensive about jailbreaking their iDevices after iOS 8 brings a lot more customizations integrated within itself, there will be same number of people who will be wanting more and more jailbreak tweaks even when Apple comes out with the 10th installment of its operating system, quotes Surenix, the author and developer of famous jailbreak tweak Auki.

Going back to the days where multitasking screen was still a myth, we had a famous jailbreak tweak known as Auxo , that enabled full screen multitasking window, with an easier way to close applications and switch between them. Even though Apple has managed to change its default keyboard, and added extensions to it in the iOS 8, jailbreak tweaks like AltKeyboard will continue to flourish since Apple has a pre-set protocol which adds limitations to the default keyboard now matter how many customizations it offers to users.


Similarly, the notifications of iOS 8 show a solid improvement over the previous notifications in iOS 7, tweak like SevenShare go beyond the limitations enforced by default iOS 8. With quick reply functionality already in hand with iOS 8, we are sure a more advanced tweak would be worked upon by the jailbreak community and a far better version of Auki can be expected coming to iDevices.

To conclude, iOS 8.0 preview may have brought a lot of advancements, customizations, and jailbreak tweaks along with it, integrated in its native package, there is always a scope for go beyond the walls that the jailbreak community and its developers believe in.

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