Uber App Review – Read to find promo coupon to claim two free rides from Uber!

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Enjoy great car rides at affordable rates with the Uber App!

It is not every app-based business that fundamentally challenges the entire market that it operates in. This is the case with Google-funded Uber, which has shaken up the car-hire market of whichever city it has been in. Powered with its unique car-hiring app, it offers both car owners and customers a never-seen before proposition. The car owners are getting more customers while the customers can get luxury rides for same cab fares as earlier as Uber uses only luxury cars in its fleet. This is what has earned it a valuation of $17B and got prestigious publications, among then The Economist thinking about its business model.

Uber shows the power of smartphone apps in its full potential. Hence, now that Uber has made an impressive debut in several Indian cities, and Indian customers are lapping up rides in its Mercs and BMWs with a vengeance, we decided to review its much-talked about app. Read on our Uber App Review to find out how you can use the Uber app to make your daily car rides smooth and a matter of luxury.


To use Uber, you have to first register with your basic details, mobile number and payment details (credit card). This registration can be done from Uber’s website as well as the app. We found the registration process to be smooth and refreshingly free of unnecessary details. In the iPhone App we could also scan the credit card for the registration process. During the registration process you will be asked for a promo code. If you have a promo code Uber will create credits in your account and you can enjoy free rides worth the credits. Read on to find out how can you get Uber credits. You can use the promo code provided below with our Uber App Review.

Type Promo Code <SWAPMYAPP> during your registration in the Uber App to claim two free rides (up to ₹ 500 each) from Uber | New users only | Valid until Dec 31st 2014


The above screenshots are from the iPhone App. The process of registration for Android and Blackberry is equally smooth.

Every individual Uber user also can help Uber grow and get luxury rides for themselves in return. Uber gives you a promo code which you can share with your friends. If they download the app (and become new users) and use the promo code, both they and you get credit worth $10!

Options to Share Personal Promo Code Screenshot - Uber App Review

Options to Share Personal Promo Code

Ordering a Cab

As a heavy user of hired cars for my professional work, my personal favourite feature of Uber, is the ability to order a cab through the app. No longer the irritating call-centre calls! The app automatically determines your location through GPS. You also have the option to type in your pick-up location. You can hover over a map and ‘pin’ your pick-up location. You can also check-out Uber cars which are available near your location. Isn’t this feature really cool and cutting-edge! Based on availability you will be assigned a car. You always get comfortable sedans or better models (Honda City etc.) at almost the same price as other normal car hire services. You can also get BMWs, Mercs and Camrys if you are little lucky (I have got these really high-end ones assigned in about 30% cases)

Pin your location and request pick-up (Screenshots from Android) - Uber App Review

Pin your location and request pick-up (Screenshots from Android)

Once the cab is confirmed, you can track the cab coming to your pick-up location real time on the map thanks to GPS. You get the driver’s contact number as well. The navigational flow is super smooth and endearing. The app will intimate you when the cab is to arrive. You can also track the route you are taking during the trip. In the lower end Blackberry device you could not see your cab on the map but you receive a real time estimate of how many minutes your cab is away.


As a consumer who does not want to be bothered with carrying cash and prefers credit cards as the mode of payment, Uber is super cool. Since you have already registered your credit card, you do not have to pay for the trip in cash or even by swiping your card every time you take a trip. You can just exit from the cab in style and your credit card will automatically be charged once the driver ‘ends’ the trip on his device (in India the Uber car drivers have been given iPhones). As one colleague once put it – “It feels like you have taken a ride in your own car”. If you have existing credit the charges will be deducted from there. You will receive SMS and e-mail intimations. Due to regulation in India, your card will get charged in equivalent USD.

Other Features

Some other features of the app that you can enjoy are customer support (through screen-share, call, email etc.), sharing your estimated time of arrival with friends, splitting of expenses with friends etc. The option to share ETA enables your friends to track your ride live – this is an incredible convenience and safety feature especially for women in Indian cities. Uber will also prompt you to rate the riding experience. We learnt it prompts the drivers also to rate the passengers. Perhaps it uses this data to drive good experience for both passengers and drivers. We have always found Uber drivers to be courteous and with good road expertise.

Split Fare Feature - Uber App Review

Split Fare Feature

Type Promo Code <SWAPMYAPP> during your registration in the Uber App to claim two free rides (up to ₹ 500 each) from Uber | New users only | Valid until Dec 31st 2014


You can provide feedback to Uber in 4 ways :

1) Reply to your trip receipt e-mail and you will be promptly be taken care of by a Uber rep

2) Through the support features on the app

3) Through support.uber.com portal

4) Tweet to them! Uber has a responsive twitter handle for each city (Uber_Cityname)

Waiting Times

We also decided to check what will be your waiting time for a Uber car to arrive at different places in Mumbai. Find our findings in the chart below (average of waiting times at different points of time). We have found in our experience that it typically does not take more than 15-20 minutes for a car to arrive. We have also seen the similar wait times in Delhi (one gets them sooner in Gurgaon) and Bengaluru. What is great is that you can get cabs very late in the night also – we tried ordering cabs in Mumbai and Delhi at around 2 AM and the waiting time was same. In Mumbai, while the night fares for the normal black-and-yellow cabs are higher during the night, Uber charged us same as at any time.

Likely Waiting Times at Different Places in Mumbai - Uber App Review

Likely Waiting Times at Different Places in Mumbai

So what are you waiting for? We think Uber is a great experience and urge you to go ahead and enjoy the rides. Don’t forget to use the special promo code of <SWAPMYAPP> offered as part of our Uber App Review to claim two free rides. Do let us know about your experience. (Download links for the app below)

Download from Google Play Store

Download from Apple App Store

Download from BlackBerry App World

Download from Windows App Store

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