3D Measures Without The Tapes and Rulers [Android]

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Using rulers and tapes have become a thing of the past. Not anymore though. ‘Happy Measure app’ uses augmented reality to provide a virtual ruler that can be used to measure the dimensions of rectangular shapes and project it into empty spaces. Have you ever strutted around a furniture store and wondered if that funky table or the fancy dressing table would look in your room? Happy Measure developed by Deutsche Telekom Laboratories provides an impetus to the rookie interior designer in you.
The app lets you measure any object like tables, book cases, wall units and any such items and helps you virtually place them in your apartment, bedroom or office space. The app unfortunately cannot be used with any other geometrical shapes, hence reducing its versatility.
The app has to be used with a marker (a black and white, rectangular geometric pattern) that can be printed out from any regular printer on an A4 size sheet. The app has a provision wherein you can mail yourself the PDF file of the marker. This marker is then placed on the object to measure its size. Once that is done, you need to place it in the area where you want to place the object. An interesting feature is the smiley to the right which smiles when you are able to focus on the marker and frowns when you are not. Full marks for cuteness there!

Screenshot of Happy Measure 2.5

The home page of the app


Screenshot of Happy Measure 2.5 settings

Various settings that increase the utility of the app

The app has a couple of features that enhance its utility. For example when you want to measure the object you need to mark the corners. And for this, they have a provided a magnifying glass. Although the clarity isn’t great it helps pin point the corners for a more accurate measurement. There are options that help you adjust the position as well as the orientation of the article.
A point to be noted is that all the pictures are captured in landscape mode and hence it’s difficult to use the app for larger items like wardrobes.


Screenshot of Happy Measure 2.5 tutorial

Step-By-Step Tutorial in a lucid language

Screenshot of Happy Measure 2.5 tutorial

Tips and hints are also provided on the Tutorial

The measurements are not completely accurate and depend a lot on hand jitter, placement of corners and quality of the image. The app is completely ad free, does not ask you to sign up and I found no crash/ lag problems. At a mere 1.6MB the app is a worthwhile partner in case you have plans to jazz up your room with brand new (rectangular only!) furniture. If not a complete overhaul, even a plain set up of a table in your space couldn’t have been easier. All you got to do is print, click and project. Follow the download button provided below to get this app from Play Store.

Download From Google Play
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Great app coupled with useful features that result into semi-accurate measurements.


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