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If it’s a concern to go back and forth all your social media apps to bring up-to-date the important events, Buffer it!


Buffer lets you share to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and App.net, all at the same time. All you need is to sign in, update your post, select the profile you want the info to go to, and it’s done! Social media tools such as these give you the integrated power to be omnipresent.


You don’t even have to be on your toes to keep your social presence felt. With this app, you could create the posts, choose the time and date, and like an obedient assistant, Buffer would keep sending them for you, precisely, when and where you want them to be!

Why should you go for it?

For an ardent social media personnel, Buffer is a boon. Because it can stockpile all your posts and send them at a future date, you could just open this app once a week or month, fill in the list of markers, and forget about it. You can obviously come back and change the order and date of your priorities, anytime!


Timing the updates gives to the ability to catch most number of eyes. Your feed can never get lost or buried under the hundreds from others. Buffer makes sure you get all the right attention!

Buffer has recently updated the app to version 3.0. The newer version looks and feels sleeker and better than before. It is designed for iOS7, and has upheld the flat style.

This very app can handle all your social profiles together, giving you the options of uploading links, videos, and pictures at once, or even at a schedule date. And Buffer does let you in on the stats for each of your upload. Number of likes, retweets, comments on your posts, comes right to the analytics tab.


The one feature that impressed me is that it monitors all your networks, and analyzes how and when your updates get the most hits. Depending on this information, Buffer suggests the most viable timings for your future updates.

There are a lot of apps that you can link to your Buffer and keep receiving updates. Find an interesting column online that you want to share? As and when you set up, this handy app allows you to update via email or through even through Safari.

The little shortcomings

Buffer is specifically meant for uploading to maintain a persistent social existence. As of now it does not let you connect over chats. Many users might want it to include this piece, at a future date, which would allow them to be diligently associated with their followers.

To add Team Members, you need to upgrade the plan. Buffer guides you to its webpage, and from thereon it becomes a little hectic!

Although it claims to buffer as many posts as you want, it does not accept the same post again. Even if it is scheduled for another date and time, a ‘Whoops’ message pops up saying it can’t post the same thing again! But, what you can do, is Re-Buffer an already uploaded post from the Analytics tab, if you feels it’s creating a rave!

To Conclude

Social media marketing seems easier when all your profiles from different sellers are unified. An update can be made to drip as per your own schedule, a tactic that keeps your fans intact! Buffering the updates, saves you time. And yet, to your followers you are ubiquitous!

It’s a tool that saves you from overwhelming your presence on social media, boosts and analyses your traffic, and queues up the updates that interests you! Buffer is just 4.3MB and is free. Could I give you another reason to try it out?

Download Buffer for iOs

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47 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 32 Google+ 11 Pin It Share 2 StumbleUpon 2 47 Flares ×
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Total Score7.8

For an ardent social media personnel, Buffer is a boon.

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