Camera 360 Ultimate, The iOS App Review

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It’s always been one of the dilemmas of an average customer to find a camera app that tops it all. Native applications on the iOS are getting better than ever, but there are restrictions, and often you are left searching for a little extra! Camera 360 is one of those apps which takes a go at it and boldly does so!

The Good

Camera 360 has tons of interesting editing filters to choose from, giving you the sense of an Android like control on photography. The filters have been divided into various categories such as Magic art (for sky photos), LOMO (cinematographic atmosphere), HDR (for gradations and details), Retro (for an artistic touch) and a plethora of other such cool varieties. In fact, there are so many of them that they have built in an effect store where you can install from a list of 18 such add ons.

Camera 360 iOS App

All the categories combined gives you a whopping number of permutations and combinations without you ever wishing for anything extra! Camera 360 is one of the few apps out there that has a dedicated selfie category. It’s perfect to make your self-portraits gain that extra edge (filters like sexy lips to make your lips look red are cheesy though!!)

Apart from the tons of live filters, there are different ways of snapping a photo such as Scenes, MultiGrid, DoubleEx and Burst mode. Scenes; that give you the options of taking a photo inside pre-set frames. MultiGrid lets you create a collage with a single click and DoubleEx that allows you to create an illusion by overlaying two pictures. If you had envied the burst mode exclusive to the iPhone 5s, this app makes the feature quite universal now! I found the Scene and MultiGrid mode impressive, while the DoubleEx seemed to be somewhat gimmicky. I never had the sense of what the photo is going to look like until I actually took it, adding extra time to the whole cycle.

Camera 3602

The app even has an Audio mode that records 5 seconds of sound as you are taking a picture to capture a moment in its entirety!

Camera 360 offers you more options in terms of editing existing photos as well. Standard features like face fix, crop, rotate, adjust, texture, blur are definitely there. They proved to be quite handy yet powerful and would be enough to make you hold on to this app for an all rounded photo taking and editing usage.

The Bad

All of this might have given you a sense of the functionality of this app, but it’s not all a bed of roses. Often, you will find yourself lost in the tons of settings and besieged to find the one mode you had liked yesterday. The UI itself is pretty clean, typical flat iOS 7 style but the layout of the filters could have been a little more intuitive and easy to navigate.

Camera 3603

As I said, Camera 360 can make you have a sense of Android like control over you photos, but remember, that it comes at a cost of being overwhelmed with tons of options to choose from. The sharing options have been improved over the time, but it still remains elusive to just be able to send them via text or email. Despite the impressive cloud services and sharing options to WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, lack of Instagram support is a bizarre omission. It makes you export your photos to the native camera roll and use iOS sharing options like iMessage, email or AirDrop to quench that need.


Camera 360 is a great overall app for the inner photographer in you. It lets you be creative, and experiment with tons of handy and some unique filters. But for people who love the concept of simplicity, you may find it overwhelming to use at times. For those of you willing to try out more, this is indeed a blessing.

Once you get past the hurdle of a learning curve, you will enjoy its power and creativity and who knows, there might not be any turning back!! To find out, the best way is to check out the app store yourself. It’s a 38.9 MB free download and is totally worthy of your attention.

Download Camera 360 ultimare for iOs

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625 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 267 Google+ 4 Pin It Share 1 StumbleUpon 353 625 Flares ×
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  • Features9
  • Ease of Use7
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  • Overall8
Total Score8.0

Camera 360 is a great overall app for the inner photographer in you.

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