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Its 2014, and Adobe has finally come up with the Lightroom on iPad, one of its most awaited additions. It syncs as well as offers many of the editing features available in the desktop suite. It works only with iOS 7 or later, so make sure you have your software updated!

For a highly technical photo editing app, it is quite delightful that Adobe has kept it free but did make sure, the login is possible only with an existing Adobe ID!

Looking forward

Photos in Lightroom are completely in sync with the desktop. This happens keeping the Creative Cloud server in place.

Adobe Lighroom

There’s absolutely no need for importing and exporting, as long as the desktop and the app are logged in using the same id. Cloud services makes it hassle free, as the changes made in lightroom on iPad are instantly reflected onto your desktop. Lightroom imports photos from the iPad’s Camera Roll, and exports it as per the share sheet, which includes AirDrop, iMessage, Mail and Facebook.

Toggling between multiple albums is easy. Photos in the iPad camera roll, can be edited and transported through the Cloud servers, to the desktop, very efficiently. When not connected to the internet, you could even opt for offline editing.

The Editing Suite

After all this, let’s concentrate on the actual drive, that’s editing. From basic Adobe editing tools such as white balance, temperature, tint, exposure to advance filters for each of B&W, Color and Effect Filters, this provides a complete set of editing operations true to its purpose.


The iPad version contains practically all the image adjustment tools as is there in the desktop version. Each of the presets for the filters are specifically designed for a particular look and tone. The crop tool aspect ratio ranges from 1X1 to 16X9, which is a lot of for a mobile or iPad app to offer.

Lightroom on iPad provides both landscape and portrait modes for the photo edits. From creating an Aged Photo, to Yesteryear, from Cyanotype to Zeroed, there are a lot of presets that needs a bit of recollection for an average shopper.

The UI is simple sliding with all the editing controls at the bottom of the page. Gesture control features are good with a three finger tap to reveal the before and after effects, and a two finger tap to give additional info such as the histogram.


The best feature in Lightroom is the ability to apply the same adjustment to various photos. The ‘Previous’ preset gives you the ability to apply ‘basic tones from the previous photo’ or ‘everything from the previous photo’. Once you find the perfect setting you can replicate it to all the other similar shots if you wish.

The Slideshow for an album is available to the left side bottom of each particular album. To add to the camera roll, renaming the album or removing collection, look for the three circles to the right bottom of the album.

On the downside

As may be for all Adobe Photo Editing tools, even Lightroom is not a very laidback app to manage by amateurs who wants to edit their pic before posting it on Twitter. Saying so, it doesn’t even give the option of uploading it to any other social networking site other than Facebook. You need to save to the camera roll, and then use the iOS sharing from thereon.

The iPad version does not enthuse you with extreme color accuracy. Neither does it have options to include captions for different photos.

Lightroom is only available now for the iPad, for its bigger screen size, and not for the iPhone.

Final Word

With an original Adobe editing app, that exploits the features of cloud, Lightroom is a powerful tool to check out. Once you learn how to use it, Lightroom is sure to satiate the need for desktop level editing on your iPad. The trial version is free for 30 days. Make the most of it!

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