Lock selected apps using Face Recognition [Android]

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Cellphones often double up as personal diaries. There is a lot of personal information stored on a phone. Privacy is a crucial factor and you’ll hardly come across anyone who hasn’t password protected or pattern locked their phones. Whether it’s your personal messages or pictures, you wouldn’t want anyone snooping through your phone! But there are instances wherein this very privacy feature could act as a curse.

Exhibit A: Say you lost your phone, and a Samaritan (assuming such people exist) finds it. Now he would be able to return the phone if he could access your contacts and call someone up, or wait till you call. If your phone isn’t password protected he could access the contacts. But then again there is the added problem that a miscreant could come across your phone and wreak havoc using any personal information stored in there.

Exhibit B: You’re in a tragic accident and the only way to inform your family is by using your cellphone. Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that someone could place an emergency call from your phone? Password protection would just be a hindrance in this case.

Best solution? An app that uses facial recognition to lock only those apps that you list out! No need of using a lock pattern or anything more.  Visidion Applock does just this! The app uses the front camera of your phone to lock only those apps you wish to protect from prying eyes. The app is surprisingly efficient and the results were pretty accurate initially. To increase precision, the app lets you shoot multiple photos with different exposure, different hair styles et all.

Screenshot of Visidion Applock

Restrict only those apps you wish to, with your face as the password!

Better still, you are also given an alternative wherein you can use a password to open these restricted apps.  You could also use a pattern lock or PIN lock with Visidion Applock Plus (read paid). However the app waits for only about 5-6 seconds before bypassing to the password. Ideally this delay time should be user controlled. If you do use the app, be sure to lock the settings/task manager as well since force closing the app will allow access to all the restricted apps. Enabling “start on boot” is also a good idea since it isn’t a default option.

Screenshot of Visidion Applock

The home screen of the app

However after a couple of tries you’d realize where its faults lie. It is slightly problematic to use the app with a low lighting set up. And most likely you’re going to have to use the password bypass option. However, this can also be attributed to the fact that my front camera has a pretty low resolution. Similarly when I tied my hair up a different way, it showed recognition fail. The app basically serves a backbone version of sorts. It isn’t practical to use the app till the kinks are all sorted out. If the developers could fix up these issues then it has the potential to become a sellout.  I’d recommend that you give it a try.

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The app works well if you have a good front camera. Even if not, try it out and let us know if it works for you!


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