How To Make Money From Your App

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First of all let me ask this, Have you ever dreamt of creating your own games or applications for your own iphone or android phones. If you are able to create your own apps, then there is a big world of opportunities waiting for you. I am pretty sure each and every mobile users have heard about this newly released sensational game “ Flappy Bird". Do you know how much the developer earns daily with the app ? It’s something beyond your dreams. If you want to earn some fast money, just follow my tips and tricks. In this article I’m going to share my most closely guarded secrets with you. Let’s check out the stats, it’s been said that almost 1 in 7 people owns a smartphone which is capable of running apps. As per the stats, there have been 40 billion + app downloads so far. Looking on to the stats we can say this field is growing day by day. Check out some of the awesome steps to make money from your app.

make money from your app

Apps Market Is Growing Exponentially! Watch Out It’s Getting Big!

In order to earn money from your app, you need to follow some steps. These aren’t herculean tasks, following these steps would help you to secure handsome amount of money. First and foremost thing is selection of the platform for app creation. Basically there are 3 main operating systems available namely Android, iOs, and windows. Since windows os is not a freeware we could neglect it.

Free Of Cost Or Not

If you are a beginner you have to make clear decision on app cost. According to me, If you are a first time designer, make sure your app is available at free of cost. If something is available for free, people rushes after it, it’s a myth. Giving something for free increases your exposure which in turn helps you during the release of the second app. Free app is profitable, because they help in improving the user base, which in turn increases the advertisement revenue.

Charging ? Okay it’s fine

If you have decided to charge your customers for your own app, then decide the price of the app wisely. For charging , you need to meet certain standards.

  • Your app must be of high quality, if it is of low quality no one will ever buy it. So it’s better to make sure of the quality.

  • Make the app available at a cheaper price than the competitor. It’s a good strategy to earn money from your own app.

  • Promotion works should be done, if you are about to charge the app. Paid promotion is the best way to increase the app reach.

Think Smart – Alternatives For Charging

There are many ways other than “charging the app" for making money from the app. Read out some of the awesome ways to earn money from your own app. These steps may look easy but requires good mindset for hardworking.

  • Make Money from your own app by advertisements, Yes am talking about in app advertisement. Over these years ad networks like google adsense helped bloggers all over the world to earn lots of $’s. I recommend this method as an alternative for charging the app.

  • In App purchases are also a great way to earn money from your app. Users will automatically purchase things, if they feels good with the app. If your app is able to produce a good user experience, then you are on it bang!

  • Keep your app up to date and always try to provide sequels which would help in improving the user experience.


These are some of the best ways to earn money from your app. If you have liked the post, feel free to share your opinions with us. In the coming articles we would help you in creating an android as well as an iOs app. So don’t go anywhere, stay with us. 🙂

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