MindMeister the Perfect Mind Map App on iOS

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If it is a mind map app you need, to gather your thoughts, MindMeister is probably the right choice for you. A platform that provides you with tools to nest in your thoughts, link one with the other, add in comments, and distinguish your content with colors and symbols.


Getting Started with Mind Map App – MindMeister

MindMeister lets you starts with a central thought, idea, plan or strategy and then slowly build on it. Whether it is a book you are planning to write, trying to remember notes while studying, or even planning the next big thing for your project, this mind map app helps in consolidating all the thoughts in one place. The date is not in a bulleted note format, but rather as a branched out tree, whose every branch is collapsible so that you can concentrate on one idea at a time.

The interface is very intuitive and there is not much of a learning curve. If you already know what you want to work with, create a Folder or a Map, name it and start branching out. You can choose from a variety of themes. Each one of which is very professional looking, and can be used for presentations quite easily.


In each of the branches there is a provision of adding in a note, and a relevant URL or Email Address. You can even add in any file from your Dropbox account but for that you would need to be a Pro Subscriber. Another smart thing to do is schedule the priority of the Task, add in the Start Date and the Due Date of Completion. If the map is shared with the people in the team, MindMeister also allows you to assign the task to them.

The radial branching concept enhances the brainstorming process. The user does follow the general hierarchy of the plan, but at the same time keeps an eye on the other parallel tasks as well. In a typical project, the various radial branches could be the simultaneous tasks that are assigned to the various members of the team, for completion.

Dominant Features

MindMeister works great offline as well. Users have the ability to continue on the maps they have built on their desktops, even when they switch to their mobile devices! There’s a real time sync between devices that makes working on the project updates smoother.

Users can create presentations that are easy to understand and explain. Wireless connectivity, stand-alone slides, and a live broadcast, these features make MindMeister a very cool and useful app for any project.


You can share your maps with others by inviting them via email and assign editing or read-only rights to them.. MindMeister focuses on collaboration, and has added in ample features in this aspect. Export the map in any format that you wish to, store your maps forever in the cloud, and go back to them, to view, edit or delete. The History View lets you travel back in time, literally! You have the ability to look through the entire development process of your project. Find out where you had started from, where you made the changes, and why a particular process is what it is now.


When you sign in to MindMeister with your iOS device, it is a Basic account by default. That means you are allowed 3 maps for free. To get unlimited mind maps, you can upgrade to MindMeister’s Personal, Pro or Business plan. Depending on the requirement choose from within the best options for you and your team.

A smart thing about MindMeister is that it allows you to take a free trial for even the paid plans, so you could have a real-time look at the advanced features, and then select what you think is the best!


Bottom Line

A sleek mind map app, that allows you to brainstorm and jot down your thoughts in a very organized fashion. The interface is not threatening at all, rather the features are just about sufficient for creating, editing and sharing a mind map. It let’s you organize your content, add in colors, icons, and images for easy understanding.

MindMeister basically makes the process look very easy. The tree like structure it builds makes it simple when working on a project. Looking at the progress of each individual team member as they login to their job, assigning deadline for a particular task, sharing and presenting, these odd jobs become much simpler when you have such a mind map app.

With a 16.2 MB free download on the App Store, this is perhaps one of the most recommended must-try apps.

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