Sktchy- Inspire The Artist in You

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“I have looked into your eyes with my eyes."

This quote very aptly describes the inspiration behind Sktchy. You upload your naughty, smart, or whacky selfies, and someone might just find an artistic muse out of it. The app is creative, it combines tech and art, and most importantly connects people from every corner of the globe. You would never know how and when you can motivate someone from the other end of the world.

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How Sktchy Differentiates itself from other Apps for Drawing


You can never get bored when you browse through Sktchy. Each and every artistic reinvention is overlapped with the original photo, and you would be awed and sometimes even shocked of how much the artist can create. From making the exact copies of the image, to transmuting it into a true work of art, Sktchy provides a platform like no other apps for drawing.

The self-portraits are those of ordinary people you might see every day, but when these same faces start to motivate you, you find that extra niche in them, that little hint which helps you create. With billions of people around the world, how can you ever find yourself short of inspirations?


The UI is really simple. The ‘Home Page’ is an exhibition of how the artists recreate from any of the selfies that they find interesting. There will be a little description of how or why they chose it. You can comment, Wow it, or even share it to your own social pages. The best part is if you like an artist’s work, you can go ahead and request him/her to make a sketch for you.

There are millions of brilliant painters around, whom we don’t even know about. Sktchy provides, perhaps the greatest apps for drawing platform to showcase talents. Getting inspired is one thing, converting it into a splendid drawing is another. This one of a kind app makes you want to take up a pen and paper and sketch up something.


You really don’t have to be an artist to upload your sketch. Discover the variations of the different images. The painters use anything from a ball point pen, to a typical paint box and palette. It is not just an array of pictures that people upload, in fact it is also an inspiring app that teaches and tips you off of the various modes through which you can refabricate.


Get the ‘Inspiration’ from the gamut of photos that are uploaded every day. If you have already found the perfect face for your picture, you can search them by hashtag or name. You can also add your own profiles from Facebook, or take a selfies and upload. You can choose your best picture from your phone’s camera roll to influence others.


All that’s been said about Sktchy, it becomes very important to mention that it lets you start only when you begin by uploading your own profile. One of the smartest apps for drawing for even smarter people.

I personally recommend you to drool over the app in your free time, watch and learn from the various skill sets of the artists from all over the world. Get out your own notebook and start sketching. It is a wonderful motivation when your art is wowed. And for this you don’t even need an expensive set up. Anyone and everyone can start being a painter.

And The Bottom Line

Sktchy is not just for a renowned illustrator, it is for college goers who like to doodle, it is for romantics who get inspired and create wonderful pieces of art, it is for cartoonists, and for a common man who wants to learn.

Download Sktchy From Apple App Store

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