Manage Your Expenses with Spendee, Android App Review

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Are you a compulsive spender? Do you often find yourself spending beyond your means? Or even just wonder, at the end of each month where all of your money has disappeared? Fret not, for help is available on Google Play Store. Developed by Cleevio s.r.o, Spendee is a personal finance manager app. Spendee will help you analyze your income and expenditure and give you an accurate description of your financial health.


The app has a very clean and easy to use interface. With the white background and colorful icons, it is easy on the eye as well. This is further supported by the graphs which help you pin point where and when you’ve spent the most. The app is a win-win in terms of design and build. If you wish to, you can secure the app with a password. Another added benefit of using Spendee is that you do not require any account to use the app. Hence you need not fear your finance stats to be uploaded onto their servers. To make it more interesting the app has a couple of tricks, handy tips and glowing achievements up its sleeve, adding more functionality.

Screenshot of Spendee graph

Graphical representation of your financial health

The only thing you really have to do is remember to fill in the entries. And the app makes this process straightforward and uncomplicated. Firstly tap the “add" button. Next up, choose if it’s income or outcome. Then choose which category it belongs too. That’s it. Once these entries have been made you can even edit them, change the date or delete them. There is a repeat option where you can enter periodic incomes or outcomes like salary, bills and so on. These will show up in the “future tab". The categories itself are extensive. And still if you do not find a category that suits your requirement, you have an option to customize one, for both incomes and outcomes. Choose a category, an icon and enter a name. And to state the obvious, you can configure the app to the currency of your choice.

The settings help you customize the app to a good extent. Use settings to secure the app with a 4 digt passcode, set reminders and choose categories. For example if you have certain categories that you use more than the rest, then add only those. This will make it easier to catalogue the income and outcome entries. Another huge advantage comes with the export option. You can mail yourself a tabulated document of the data in the form of Excel or CSV files.

Screenshot of Spendee

Export data using Spendee

The only hitches are the ads placed at the bottom. However since they do not pop in or interfere in any way with the functioning of the app, it isn’t s big problem. If you wish you could also upgrade to the ad free paid version.

Download Spendee for Android Download Spendee for iOs

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One of the best finance manager apps on Android. And what's even better is that its's free.


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