TeamLab App For Project Management and CRM Solutions Efficiently

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While most of our latest posts have been about
jailbreak tips and tricks with TeamLab, your one stop app for project management and CRM solutions we decided to return to good old app reviews. TeamLab is basically a business service that provides project management solutions, CRM solutions and helps manage all your documents and emails at one single location. Contrary to the apps we have covered in our website for freelancers so far like Thrive Solo and Fiverr, platforms which are best used for getting projects as a freelancer, TeamLab helps you to manage them. This is also a very efficient cloud based service, meaning you can access all your work from any devices, anywhere, anytime.


TeamLab – Just a Great App for Project Management and CRM Solutions

All you need is to Connect to the portal, or register to it, if you are a new user and start managing your projects instantly. The platform is well suited for business users who can easily manage their teams, tasks and deadline through this intuitive yet easy interface.

The website is a lot more functional than the mobile application. However, if you want a no-fuss simple interface to work with TeamLab is great for you.


There are four different modules for a project manager to work with. Create Projects, Milestones, Tasks, and Discussions. From a lot more options that are available on the web application, the iOS app, however, has just the very basics.

You could create a new project, add in the Title, Description, Project Manager, and the Team Responsible for it. The projects that you create would be instantly available on the website as well. Now, it is solely up to the users whether they want to carry on the development work from the mobile app or the website.

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I would recommend carrying out the chunk of the activity on the website, and the take- home work from the mobile app.

Set the Milestones, and the Tasks from the mobile application and then follow up on them with the team. However, the team needs to be updated through the People tab on the website. Once you make the contacts, with their assigned designations, they also need to accept it.

Managing your mails, keeping a track of your schedule on the calendar, creating and managing the important files related to the projects, these are some very useful tasks that can be performed through TeamLab. But unfortunately, they are not available on the mobile platform.


TeamLab also allows the users to time track a particular task. Creating Reports is as easy as a pie. Users have very easy access to all their emails, documents and data. With these they can generate the required reports and then print them, or export them in the .csv format.

The CRM module lets the user create a central database containing all the required contacts and companies. The database can be made as elaborate or as sparse as required. It can also be imported or exported as .csv files.



The mobile app is just a 5 MB free download from the App Store. On registering users get a Free Trial version for the initial 45 days. After this, depending on the necessities of the project and the organization, users can choose from a number of different plans.

To Conclude

TeamLab is a very efficient service to work with. It is comprehensive and includes all the required tools for smart project management, CRM, document handlings related to any project. 10,000 happy customers of TeamLab swear by the services this company provides. Available in 20 languages, TeamLab is indeed a very competent, and mature interface for businesses.

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