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It is an iOS application that makes sending photos and videos a real easy thing to do. What’s special in it, you say? Well, We Transfer lets you send up to 10 GB of data! All for free! Read on to learn about the great features we have covered in our We Transfer App Review below.

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What we like

There is no hidden costs, no subscriptions, and no sign-ins. You just need to download the application and allow it to access your camera roll. When you scroll down, you would see all your snapshots. Keep selecting the ones that you want to share. Swipe left, type in the email address of the receiver and the sender, write in a message, and send.

That’s what I call the ultimate ease of use. There are no complications, and that is what I love about it. To select multiple photos at a time, tap on the first, and then double tap on the next. All the photos in between would be selected at a time.

Each time you send in a set of files, We Transfer delights you with some great full screen wallpapers to soothe your eyes, while you’re waiting for the process to complete.


You have uploaded the file, now what? Well, now, the receiver gets an email notification about the images that they have received. At the same time, the sender too gets an email that the files have been sent.

Once the receiver opens his/her email, they would presented with a download link that’s valid for the next one week. Once they’ve agreed to the terms and conditions, they would need to open the zip file to see the images. Once the receiver downloads the images, the sender would also be informed of the same. And so, there’s absolutely no way of going unnoticed and uninformed!

And yes, a single email can be targeted at multiple receivers. You would be informed when each of them sees your file set!

Transfer files easily on  - We Transfer App Review (iOS)

What we are apprehensive about

We Transfer allows only photos and videos that it can extract out of your camera roll. This application is not meant to transfer documents. The file transfer is only valid for a week, after which it ceases to open. Now, this is good if someone’s trying to spam you. You could simply ignore it, and after a week, it’ll no more exist.

But, in most cases, an important mail might get overlooked, if the receiver is out of office for that one week. Initially the file transfer limit was just 2GB, but the download link was active for a full two weeks. Whether the new changes are for good or bad, depends on the kinds of users.

To Conclude

It is a very simple way to handle your transfers. With 10GB of free, unrestricted data transfer, We Transfer captures the market like no other. And, it is just a 6.2 MB at the App Store. We cannot but recommend you to download it in our We Transfer App Review (download link from Apple App Store below). Give it a try, and let us know what you feel.

Download from Apple App Store

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Review Overview
  • Ease of Use9.5
  • Features4
  • User Interface6
Total Score6.5

Great app which allows to transfer you 10 GB of pics and videos through an easy to use and smooth interface

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