Who’s Calling? Get info about your unknown callers with TrueCaller Caller Identification App

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Spam calls and calls from unknown numbers are two nuisances which every cell phone owner has to bear quite often. These really are absolutely frustrating and often ends up spoiling our mood. Also, sometimes unknown stalkers might be lurking on the other end and so can be shady fraudsters. It would hence really help to pierce through the shroud of anonymity behind which spam and unknown callers are hiding. TrueCaller caller identification app helps you do just that.

The TrueCaller Icon

The TrueCaller Icon

TrueCaller is the perfect solution for spam and unknown calls which you have been looking for till now! Here’s that wonder potion which can neutralize the effect of all the “spam call"-poisons and even help you detect the person behind the unknown numbers. Developed by True Software Scandinavia AB, the TrueCaller Android app will help you get rid of all the unwanted calls and what’s more! You also get the added opportunity of identifying the callers and search for some unknown phone numbers among public lists across 25 countries. Getting through its blocking shield is impossible for any number once it’s blocked, so you may rest assured that you won’t be getting any more calls from the dreaded numbers! After you install the app, you will be asked to register following conventional procedures. Once you are done with the entire process, you will get to see the main screen which comes with these functions – Search, History, Notifications, Who Viewed your Profile, People you may know, Update Phonebook, Block, Get Premium (in case you are using the free version) and Settings.

By Search, you get to search the details of unknown public numbers. These numbers can then be saved in your phone book directly. History shows you your call records (nothing special there). I found nothing useful worth noticing in Notifications. They are just a bunch of ads of the app itself, about how you get in touch with some celebrities’ tweets. You can find out about Who viewed your profile only if you are using the premium version. Update Phonebook gives you a way to update your contact lists directly from the app itself. Block is actually the call filter facility which this app so thoughtfully provides.

TrueCaller, in spite of being mostly a caller identification app, comes with certain social networking options. After all, we all know how important an aspect social networking is in our lives. The makers of this app have kept that in mind as they have provided Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn users the opportunity to remain connected with this app. Not only are you able to post your own status messages, you can also view updates from your friends. You can also put up your own picture in your profile. TrueCaller always runs invisibly in the background whenever your device is on. The data bank checks all the numbers from which calls come, even the text messages you receive. If the number belongs to your list, it’s passed through. Otherwise, it connects using your data plans to its server and searches for that number. That way you get to know about the unknown number from where you are getting called. However, this only works well if you have a 3G connection or if you are connected to a WiFi connection. Otherwise, it takes ages to get a result.

Most of the important functions of this app are activated only when the premium version is used. Another glitch which I noticed is that most of the unknown numbers I searched for returned the result “No matches found". With their new version, the makers have claimed that this occurrence will get reduced. However, I didn’t get the chance to identify any of the unknown numbers. One hopes that the makers’ claims are actually true. Dying to get rid of spam calls? Bothered by unknown callers? Go ahead and download TrueCaller caller identification app from Google Play (Download buttons below). Let us know about your experience of using TrueCaller! Did it or did it not help you out? We can only learn from your experiences.

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Pretty effective app but don't expect to get accurate caller names every time.

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