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News Apps have always been a great hit among avid Android users. Reason? Come on! None of you are dumb enough to understand as to why they are an instant hit among busy people. It’s much more convenient to catch a short glimpse of the categorized news or even your favourite newspapers on your Smartphone or tablet, rather than carrying around all the ‘actual’ newspapers with you. Think about yourself? Which would you prefer? Struggling with half a dozen newspapers in your briefcase, searching for the topics which are likely to pique your interest? Or would it better to opt for the smart Android apps which will bring them all to you, in your ‘smart’ phone?

The USA has always been a trendsetter when it comes to literally any field known to humankind. And I mean it when I say ‘any’ field. They provide stiff competition to the fashionistas of France. When it comes to weaponry, they can and do dare to stand up against the likes of Russia and China. Educationally, the US institutions have always been the first choice among most students (those who can afford them, off course apart from the scholarships). And I don’t think I need to write anything about their economical superiority. So, if you are a news buff, it is only natural that you will be itching to know the latest goings-on in such a nation. And your Android device will help you achieve that target. Here’s how!

USA Today

Honestly speaking, without being even a little opinionated, this is one of the best US news apps out there. The style and UI of the app is excellent. It’s absolutely fuss-free, and all one needs to do is to follow the instructions which readily appear from time-to-time to guide the users. Navigate, have fun, select your topics, have fun, read up the topic which interests you the most, and then again, have fun! It even comes with a smart feature of pinging you with breaking news, so that you stay updated and ahead of others. I really couldn’t help get impressed on the way the app’s been designed and developed. You should definitely download it if all you want are news items from the newspaper.

USA Today News App - Home page and news options and pages

USA Today News App – Home page and news options and pages

Here’s where you can download and install it:


NYTimes – The New York Times Official Android App

It has sealed its position as one of the most renowned newspapers in the world, and it continues to live up to its reputation through its utilitarian Android app which scores on all fronts. Like USA Today, it brings forth articles – specimens of some of the finest journalism of this era, which get posted in the print version, thus making the newspaper digitally available to its readers. The design is what an app of its stature and utility should be like, and the very many options it offers to its readers, like the Play Article option, is an absolute scorer!

NY Times official Android App

NY Times official Android App

Here is where you can get it for free:


BBC News

The name itself commands a certain amount of respect. The app is merely a reflection of that. It provides you with a window through which you can gain access to the larger world of BBC. The app contains news articles which are parts of BBC News broadcasted on the official channel, and even gives you the option of watching their videos should you wish so. Though this is the English version of the app, BBC News is available in several other languages in the Play Store. Featuring the signature red and black theme of BBC, the design is sleek. You can get to choose for yourself the kind of news articles you want to be provided with through the menu options. Here is the download link at your disposal:

The official BBC News android app

The official BBC News android app

Here’s where you can download and install it:


Newspapers USA

This one is a pretty decent app. It brings to you both the national as well as the regional newspapers. And the newspaper pages are very readable, i.e. you don’t have to crave for high-quality versions of them and there’s no problem with the zoom in on pages. Unlike other similar news apps, there’s no lag and though the styling needs a bit of attention, it delivers on its promises. So I won’t complaint much.

Newspapers USA

Newspapers USA Android app

Instead, here’s the download link where you can install it for free:

Download Newspaper USA FROM GOOGLE PLAY

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