VyprVPN- Protect Your Privacy Online Easily

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It is not wrong to call the internet an ocean of information in this era. However, don’t forget that there are a lot of bad fish in the ocean to pollute the sea, or the world wide web. Information, as well as privacy breaches are a common practice, and you don’t even get to know when things get out of control, and your privacy gets compromised. While there’s not much you can do to spoof your location, or IP address in technical terms in case you are a regular web surfer, you can sure control what you want the world to know about your location, IP address and other sensitive information by fiddling with a VPN, or Virtual Private Network for those who are yet unaware. We have been using services to bypass pre-set proxies in our workplaces, schools and colleges to get access to pirated media, or social networking sites. Just imagine how cool it would be to get a similar VPN service right on your smartphone. That’s right. Today at SwapMyApp we are reviewing yet another mind boggling service coming right from the developers at Golden Frog. What has been making a wave around the web as VyprVPN , is a service, or an application developed by Golden Frog. To know what is does, and how efficiently it makes your lives easier, follow our in-depth tutorial below.

VyprVPN- Protect Your Privacy Online Easily

VyprVPN from Golden Frog is a VPN service that lets you change the location of your IP address with their 45 heavy duty server locations in 38 different countries, including remote locations like Iceland, thus protecting your privacy, personal information and data from getting leaked over the wide web. With this application in action, you can pretend to be surfing the web from any of their supported 38 countries. The app is capable of connecting you automatically in case your smartphone connects to an untrusted WiFi network. That’s not all. VyprVPN is available for all leading platforms including Android, iOS ,Windows Phone OS, and even your Mac powered system.

How it works?

VyprVPN works by simply encrypting data at the end of your smartphone or PC, and decrypting it at the servers end. Thus, your location is known to the reliable servers of VyprVPN, but not across the internet you are accessing. No one will know you, or the country you choose to connect to.


In simple words, a VPN service directs all the traffic from your PC or smartphone, to a remote location across the globe, and hence keeps your personal information intact. To give a sample of what we mean, look at the screenshots below.



The first one is our regular IP address, and the next one our VyprVPN IP address after turning the service on. For reference, we have connected to a server in Australia. Once connected, you will see a VyprVPN icon in your device’s status bar, along with a key icon indicating that your privacy is protected.


The application comes with a bagful of features and facilities. Here are the best of them. The services are common on all platforms, be it Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS or Mac systems, however the iOS version of this app is a little more comfortable to use as it allows you to disable the VPN by going to Settings app any moment.

  • Privacy:

The application has performed as advertised, and kept our online privacy intact throughout the web surfing experience. There were no particular glitches or lags, and everything worked just perfect. VyprVPN for sure hides your personal information, and lets you browse restricted websites. For instance, we tried browsing to a restricted website here in India, first without VyprVPN, and later with the service activated. Here are the results.



  • No Speed Loss:

Usually when you connect to a VPN network, there’s a speed lag because your device is connecting to the server through another server. Surprisingly, there is negligible speed lag in case of VyprVPN, and the network was quick, and lag free.


We connected to their Philippines server, and the speed was still intact. Here’s a screenshot of us connected to the Philippines server.

  • Multiple Platforms:

Definitely the best part about this application. It is available on all major platforms including iOS, Android, Windows Phone OS and even Mac OS. That’s right, you can use VyprVPN to spoof your location on the web even while surfing through a Macintosh powered system. Cool enough? Here are Android as well as iOS screens of the same application.


7-14-2014 12-20-34 PM

  • Available in 38 countries:

From Iceland, to Philippines, the servers are located almost all over the globe. You can connect to any country’s server in no time, and start browsing. Or, you can bounce from country to country to suit your needs. We at SwapMyApp tried almost all country servers, and the service was apparently flawless.

screen322x572 (1)

  • Unlimited Data:

Once you purchase the service from Golden Frog, there is apparently no limit on the data downloaded, or browsed through, using their servers. This one particular feature separates VyprVPN from other VPN providers in the market. As advertised, we faced no issues in downloading or surfing through the web. The whole experience was perfect and smooth.

  • Prevents VPN Blocking:

Some servers across the world are using technology to prevent VPN services from accessing their servers. VyprVPN uses Chameleon technology to bypass the VPN blocking, providing you uninterrupted service.


Coming to the pricing, the service definitely comes at a price, but offers nothing that’s not worth the price. You can purchase the Basic, Premier or Pro version of this application starting from $6.67 USD to $10 USD from their official website here. We at SwapMyApp loved the service, and it’s definitely a +1 from our side.

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