Best Accessories to Spice Up Your iPhone 6 Camera

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iPhone 6 probably comes with arguably one of the best camera resolution yet experienced in the gadget world. At SwapMyApp we obviously look for ways to make it better. While some of the best accessories for iPhone 6 camera might be expensive without a doubt all of them have their own utility. So if you are looking to go pro with your iPhone 6 you might want to check some of these accessories out. You might also want to check out some cool photo editing apps on iPhone. For jailbreak users we suggest Rendarya and for non jailbreak users you might want to try out Camera360. If you have an iPad you can also check up Lightroom for iPad.

iPhone 6 currently holds a camera of 8MP iSight camera which has large 1.5 micron pixels and f/2.2 aperture. This camera is capable of recording HD Videos (1080p) at 60 frames per second and with Focus Pixels technology, it focuses more frequently which reduces the chances of any blurry image clicked by it. Irrespective of these features, allow us to make you little familiar with the few of the best accessories for iPhone 6 camera, available in the market which can be worn around the existing camera to make it more fabulous and better.

Best Accessories for iPhone Camera – A Closer Look


SLR Mount

Best accessories for iPhone Camera

This is one of the most expensive camera accessory available in the market. If you are a professional photographer or you prefer to carry several big lenses in your bag, then this will definitely come in handy for you. You can actually use this mount to attack Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to capture some fabulous photos with your iPhone. It is available at the price of 249 USD.

OlloClip Lenses

Best accessories for iPhone Camera

These lenses have been designed by Telephoto to bring the view closer to the lens by narrowing the field of view by 35mm. This lens increase the amount of details for an image and it will magnify the images taken with normal iPhone lens by 2 times, but then it does not mean that these lens can be used to capture things available at far distance. It also has a circular polarizing lens which will induce more realistic colors in the image.

6X Telescope

Best accessories for iPhone Camera

If you wish that your iPhone could capture images at far distances, then this accessory is the solution to that desire. It can clearly zoom into 6 times and take clear images (which sufficient details). This leans also comes with a crystal casing and is available at the price of 16 USD at USB Fever.


Best accessories for iPhone Camera

This bunch of few small accessory for your iPhone lens, where you will have the option of clicking the photos with the help of a shutter tugged along the corner of your iPhone. Apart from it, you will also have a wide lens or macro lens which will elongate more features to your iPhone. There many more pieces in this kit which can use be really meaningful for a photographer.

Kogeto Dot

Best accessories for iPhone Camera

Panoramic view is always a favorite of every smartphone owner but what if you could capture video in that mode on your iPhone. Amazing right?? This accessory will allow you to capture video with 360 panoramic view with the help of an application named Looker available in App Store.


If you are a photo freak, who cannot away get away from his camera at any point of time, then you must choose any of these gadgets wisely and give it a try. Let us know, if you wish to have any other camera accessory with some different requirement, we would try to find and write about it for you.

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